Aukey 1080p Webcam Review (Full scan)

We continue our collaboration with Aukey, a well-known manufacturer of good quality peripherals at very tight prices. This time we bring you the analysis of the Aukey 1080p Webcam, a camera that will serve to maintain videoconferences and online games with a remarkable quality of image for an excellent price. If you want to know more do not miss our analysis in Spanish.

First of all, we would like to thank Aukey for his confidence in giving us the product for analysis.

Technical features Aukey 1080p Webcam

Unboxing and Design

The  Aukey 1080p Webcam comes with the typical presentation of the brand, we find the camera inside a simple recycled cardboard box with a very clean design in which we only see a small image of the product next to the brand logo. We opened the box and found the camera next to a small user manual.

The Aukey 1080p Webcam is a very compact device that is manufactured in good quality black plastic. We are facing a webcam with capacity to record at 1080p resolution and a speed of 30 FPS so you can keep video conferencing with good image quality. It also integrates a microphone so you can communicate with your colleagues in the middle of the game. Its size is very compact with measures of 104 mm x 50 mm x 30 mm.

Aukey 1080p Webcam Review

As we see the design of the camera is very simple, the most remarkable is a folding plastic stand that will serve to put it on our table and regulate its position, it will be very simple to get it right where we want. On the front of the product we see the logo of the brand.

This camera integrates a CMOS sensor with a size 1/3 “ that has the capacity to record video at resolution from 240p to 1080p, always at a speed of 30 frames per second for smooth movements. Aukey 1080p Webcam has a fixed focus with a distance ranging from 0.3 meters up to 5 meters and a viewing angle of 55 °. The manufacturer specifies that it requires a minimum illumination of 5 lux to function properly.

For your connection uses a USB cable with a length of 2 meters , its connection is plug & play so once the plug is ready to use without installing any additional software, could not be simpler.

To evaluate its image quality we have used the camera application of Windows 8.1.

Final words and conclusion about Aukey 1080p Webcam

The Aukey 1080p Webcam is a simple webcam but tremendously functional for users who are looking for good image quality but do not want to spend a lot of money. Its operation is as simple as connecting it to a free USB port on our computer and it is ready to be used. Its image quality is good enough to maintain videoconferences although of course we are not facing a high-end product, this is especially noticeable when the light conditions are not ideal. Its integrated microphone fulfills its function and will allow us to communicate, although of course the quality is not very high.

Aukey 1080p Webcam is on sale in the main stores for an approximate price of 30 euros.









The Professional Review team gives you the recommended silver medal and product:

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