Ryzen Threadripper’s release date confirmed

Hermitage Akihabara has now retracted its claim that the new AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors will arrive with an AIO liquid cooling kit, a news item that was well received by the community as users would be able to enjoy very good cooling without Having to spend extra money. It is therefore unclear whether they will eventually include refrigeration as standard or not.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper goes on sale on August 10

AMD Ryzen Threadripper goes on sale on August 10

The website has also listed that the Ryzen Threadripper processors will be released on 10 August at 10 PM Japanese time, which translates to 2 PM in the UK and 6 AM in the US. The site also confirms that Threadripper’s pre-orders will start as of July 27 even though the availability of new processors will be reduced at the outset.

Threadripper motherboards show July 25

For now it is not known how many dissipators currently available in the market will be compatible with the new processors Ryzen Threadripper, this is because they use the new socket TR4 that is very different to the AM4 of Ryzen processors. Many are questioned even if the current liquid cooling will be compatible given the large size of the Ryzen Threadripper processors.

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