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Nanotechnology MXene will allow mobile and cars to load in seconds

One of the main drawbacks of high-capacity batteries is the long time it takes to charge them, which means that all smartphones on the market need an hour or more to charge to the maximum despite the use of fast charging technologies. We have all read about the graphene batteries that would be a revolution, now has a new rival to this miracle material, the MXene.

MXene is the new battery revolution

MXene is the new battery revolution

The researchers at Drexel are working on a new generation of battery -based MXene electrodes that greatly shorten recharge time. MXene is a nanomaterial with a design very close to that of a monolayer of atoms that combines the use of the oxide-metal with hydrogel, this structure is highly conductive and allows the free movement of the electrons as the charge of the battery increases. This allows the MXene electrodes to be charged in a few milliseconds, which would allow charging the smartphone batteries in seconds and those of the cars in minutes.

We have been listening for a long time on new revolutions in the batteries of our devices, but none of them has just materialized. The problem seems to be whenever you start with small laboratory tests but then you have to move it to large-scale industrial production, something that is not always possible or profitable so it seems that we will continue many years with conventional lithium batteries.

For now we will have to continue waiting for the mobile to charge for hours every day or every few days.

Source: tweaktown

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