How to find out about changes to your apps

All those with an Android device are accustomed to frequent updates. Although, it must be said, most of the time we do not know what the majority of the changes that occur in such applications are.

How to find out about changes to your apps

This is something that happens for several reasons. The main was that so far, the vast majority of applications never commented on the news or changes that an update offered. While you are now beginning to report changes to a new tab on Google Play, its use is not too widespread. Update WhatsApp on Android

Check your app changes

Another reason that also happens is that users often have no interest, while everything works no problem. Although the process also does not help. It is somewhat costly or annoying for many to have to be looking for the application in question on Google Play to see the changes. Luckily, there is a solution.

Changes is an application that tells us the changes that each application introduces with a new update. Thus, in a simple way we are informed at all times. In a very comfortable way. What the application is going to do is to detect all those other applications installed on the phone. And every time there is a change you can see it.

Also, Changes is a free application. So it is certainly the most convenient. A good option that will help us to know at all times what has changed in the applications that we have installed on our Android device. What do you think of this application? You can download it here.


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