Do you know which 4 ways WhatsApp money earns?

Whatsapp money

Already a while ago we told you how WhatsApp makes money being free. But after some time looking for the ways in which the app can profit by being at zero cost, let’s talk about 4 ways WhatsApp makes money.

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Facebook spent a lot buying the WhatsApp app … not to win nor a hard? The truth is that even if it is free and you earn 0 euros, if there are other ways you can be making some profit (or worse, may appear in the future more directly).

How WhatsApp Make Money, 4 Ways

We, in AP, have been investigating and we are going to speak to you of 4 ways that WhatsApp can be making money at the expense of the users:

Before WhatsApp made money with the annual subscription, but now?

It did not even reach the annual euro per person but they made a good pasta. However, they made the app for free. So we’ll explain where you can get WhatsApp revenue so it remains profitable and not have ads:

  • Offering services to companies. In the event that a company needs to link WhatsApp to their system, the company could charge them a supplement for allowing this, being one of the main sources of income for the app.
  • Investing in WhatsApp. Facebook has gone public and can be invested. The same for the case of WhatsApp, because they could ask for money from investors and thus, make money from this. This is another possibility.
  • Making money from Facebook. In the case of FB we do have a lot of publicity, so it is clear that it is a way to publicize the other apps of the guys of Mark and that are gaining more and more followers. It is like an investment that although not of so much money, yes they allow them to know more and to monopolize in some way the market of the applications of messenger, that is not little.
  • Selling data. We would not want anything to be known about this, but it’s another possibility. Especially in the case of important data.

These are some of the ways through which WhatsApp may be making some money. What do you think?


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