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OnePlus’s personalization layer has not disappointed its customers at all. Many, including myself, expected quite a few points against, and even more, those users who prefer pure Android. In each update that comes out of OxygenOS, we observe how to improve small sections and features , but that little by little, make OnePlus mobile phones an ideal purchase option.

If you still do not know or distrust this version, here you can change your mind with 7 features that will make you feel the urge to acquire a mobile with the latest system updates .

The 7 best things of OxygenOS

While not everything is pink with this layer of personalization, you can realize the great amount of things you can get to offer in OnePlus 2, 3, 3T and in 5 with simple actions.

Gestures, access to applications as simply as possible

One of the things that has impressed us most about OxygenOS is the inclusion of various gestures that will make certain tasks easier when activated through actions. For example, we can activate the camera by drawing an “M” on the screen, take a screenshot by sliding 3 fingers down and activate the flashlight by drawing an “S”. Likewise, by sliding two fingers down we can pause and play music, and draw a “,” left or right to go back or forward to another song.

These actions can be found in the OnePlus 3T and included in the OnePlus 5 without any problems.

Reading mode, for book lovers

The second feature that we find in the list, is dedicated to text lovers, and also, all those who need to observe the information emitted by applications with a perfect way to read the paragraphs. The read mode is an option that can be activated to calibrate the color of the screen automatically.

Instead of using warm colors, this function activates a monochrome effect that would be suitable for reading texts without having to wear out the view. This feature can be adjusted so that when entering an app (Amazon Kindle, for example) is activated automatically. Read mode is available on the OnePlus 5.

Notifications LED, one color for each notice

There are occasions where we are concentrated working or studying and we expect an urgent message, which will be warned by the LED notification light, but often, it is often the same color that alerts us when a message arrives, is the one used to send the message. Low battery warning. That’s why OxygenOS gives us the possibility to adjust LED notifications with up to 8 different colors. So we can know when the phone needs charging, when a message arrives from Facebook, or another action.

Also, the OnePlus 5 integrates an option to modify incoming calls with 5 custom vibration modes.

Gaming Do Not Disturb, the option to disable notifications while playing

No one has been saved from going first in a game and that, because of a notification, we end up in another position product of the message or notice. To help users with this feature, the “Gaming Do Not Disturb” tab has been created , which translates to Do Not Disturb. This mode allows you to silence all notifications, except for alarms and calls. In addition, we will have the option to deactivate the keys or the start button of the device while we are playing, in this way we avoid leaving the game by mistake by pressing the main section.

Audio settings thanks to its powerful processor

The OnePlus 5 processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, and the device takes advantage of that technical specification to offer us 3 audio versions: aptX HD, aptX and SBC. The aptX HD can output high-resolution 24-bit/48 kHz audio with a bandwidth exceeding 576 kbps via Bluetooth 5.0. And the aptX for its part, has a maximum bandwidth of 352 kbps. AptX HD is only available on the OnePlus 5, while the 3 and 3T models have aptX and the option to configure the equalizer.

Night mode, less fatigue at night

To reduce eye strain at night, a night mode has been made available to users, which can be activated automatically from sunset to sunrise. By adjusting this section, we can increase or reduce the intensity of the effect for a better experience at night. If we do not want the night mode to activate just after sunset, we can set it up with a specific time interval.

Customizing the home screen, more settings than we expected

The user interface, one of the qualities that best knows Android, is also present in the OnePlus, as we can customize the home screen with different themes and settings. We have the action to enter the section of applications, calendar and climate, most used apps, search history, computers connected through Bluetooth, battery, among others.

In addition, in the status bar we can see the speed of NFC, VoWiFi, VoLTE networks, among others. It only shows us the speed, so we will not be able to know the data consumed.

Here you end up observing 7 of the most important qualities that OxygenOS brings us. In each update come new and better actions, so you can rely on the constant changes and attention that produces the Chinese company in its layer of personalization. If you have a OnePlus 5 and you want to adapt it even more to your tastes, in this post you can change the icons, and also, in this tutorial you can change the default applications.

What do you like most about OxygenOS? We await your concerns in the comments section.


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