The Nokia 3310 passes the most famous endurance test

Nokia returns big this year. And one of the models with which he returns is the new version of the legendary 3310. There has been much speculation about this phone, although there are plenty of reasons to buy it. And besides, contrary to what all rumors have said for quite some time, it is possible to install WhatsApp on the device. In fact, we teach you how to achieve this in this article.

One aspect that has been joked a lot with the Nokia 3310 is its enormous resistance. Therefore, it is a good time to subject the device to the most famous resistance test. Will you survive or fail on this test? We will leave doubts below. We leave you with the video below

Test resistance Nokia 3310

The beginning of the test, as usual, is to check the resistance of the screen. This time, being a low-end mobile, the screen is plastic. And that makes the screen easily damaged. As we can see in the video. Although, given the use of the phone, it is not too serious. The keys are also plastic and resist the cuts relatively well.

Both the sides and the back are made of plastic. Although it must be said that the sides seem to withstand better in the video. The back can be ripped or damaged with relative ease. Although, the biggest problem on the back of the Nokia 3310 is the camera. The lens is plastic. So it can be scratched or damaged very easily. This forces users to be very careful in using it. The burning portion of the screen also has noticeable effects. Being a plastic screen, the damage is permanent, although the device can still be used.

Finally, we arrive at the part that everyone expects. Let’s fold the phone. We can see that the Nokia 3310 survives without problems to this part of the test. Neither the screen nor the keyboard are in trouble and the phone is kept in one piece. Therefore, we can conclude that the Nokia 3310 has passed this resistance test. So the legend about the resistance of the phone is going to be maintained over time. What do you think about this test?


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