Favorable Octa-core: CPU AMD FX-8350 fell to $100

Today, a new microarchitecture AMD Ryzen triumphant march around the world: inexpensive Octa-core processors are available in almost any active leads advance the company and on the server segment, where new chips EPYC show excellent results in comparison with the latest Intel Xeon. But the previous architecture, or rather, a series of AMD architectures can not be called successful. Yes, the “red” came ahead of Intel on the number of cores, releasing at one time eight-series chips the FX, but the core turned out not quite fair, because every module with two blocks of integer arithmetic was only one block floating-point calculations, which seriously limited the ability these processors in a number of applications.

Specifications AMD FX-8350
Specifications AMD FX-8350

However, the model FX-8350 on the basis of an improved version of Bulldozer, Piledriver / Vishera architecture proved to be quite successful, because even at the time of the official announcement, it cost just $195 – a little impossible considering the presence of Octa-core. For comparison, the processor is the Intel Core i7-3770K (of Ivy Bridge, 22nm) has only 4 physical cores, but it was worth $294, and previously appeared six-year Core i7-3960X require expensive platforms LGA 2011 and cost at the same time as much as $ 990. It is no wonder that enthusiasts on a budget embraced the AMD FX-8350 is very warm, including because these chips are perfectly dispersed from their base 4 GHz to 4.7 GHz or even 5 – depending on the luck of the buyer and his skills this area.

Amazon statistics since its launch FX-8350
Amazon statistics since its launch FX-8350

Despite the limitations described in the respective review, the processor turned out to be so successful that the demand for it has so far. There is reason to cheer those who do not want to be limited to four Intel cores – the cost of processors AMD FX-8350 Black Edition has recently dropped to $100 and at one time was even below that mark. In the secondary market, these chips are offered at all for $90 or less. They are not very suitable for the game, but still provide a sufficiently high level of performance in them, and in tasks such as video encoding-and 3D-rendering, and does feel great. In view of the fall in value is other than the budget proposal for all who need a low-cost personal computer not only for the games.

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