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Heat Sensitive cutlery for greedy eaters for 0,69€

  • by Mark Ziebarth
  • 11 Months ago
  • Deal

Who does not know it? One burns at the hot soup first nice tongue, because hunger somehow is the best spice and therefore other factors must be dispensed with. Actually, this is made of heat-resistant silverware for children, but other greedy lemons should perhaps take a second look at it.

Hitzesensibles cutlery

In the case of heat, ie above 40 ° C, the spoon tip is white / transparent. So you see before (!), Whether what is there on your spoon is hot. At temperatures below 40 ° C, the tip turns slowly; The brighter, the hotter! Of course the actual use as a children’s set is not to be forgotten, because the spoon tip is considerably smaller (13.8 x 2.6cm) than with normal tablespoon (21 x 5cm) and slightly smaller than teaspoon (15 x 3cm). That is why this gadget is especially suitable for the predators … ahh … children feeding. In addition, the tip of the plastic spoon is made of silicone and therefore easy to handle.

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