For the holiday: waterproof beach bag for 2,65€

All year long, you are looking forward to it: the summer holiday. To get the most out of your holiday, you should be well prepared. There are a lot of gadgets for the holiday. Be it the sand-free beach mat or the snorkel mask with 180 ° field of view. A little less spectacular, but all the more useful, gadget, this waterproof beach bag is for your smartphone and the valuables.Waterproof beach bag value smartphone

The colorful bags are shoulder bags made of plastic. The material will in any case be waterproof, and the closure also makes a safe impression. Because luckily, unlike the rice sets we have recently tested, was not put on a zipper. Instead, the bag is secured with three airtight fasteners for threading.

Waterproof beach bag closure
The three locks act like locks, if the PVC has no holes, you can go out here from water tightness.

Special feature of the case: Smartphones (and other touch screens) can be operated through the material. Especially on the beach, where both sand and water can make your smartphones and watches dangerous, a very useful feature. With a size of 22 x 18 cm, a common value combination of smartphone, watch, portemonait and documents can be stored well.

Waterproof beach bag smartphone
The smartphone does not need to be picked up for every little thing, especially on the beach very useful.

If blue is not your color and you need it for the holiday a bit more colorful, you have at Banggood the choice between nine different colors. Sure a gadget, which could be found in Germany, but you pay much more here.

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