Xiaomi Piston In Ear Headphones in the Fresh Version for 3.52€

I will certainly not be the only one who likes to lose the overview of all Xiaomi Piston models – especially since the basic models are quite similar. Since the Piston In Ear headphones in the Fresh version do not make any difference, since they seem to be almost the predecessor model Piston Basic in Matt.

Xiaomi Piston In Ear Earphones Fresh Version

But exactly the matte finish makes it in my eyes more beautiful and even a bit more valuable. Admittedly, with in-ear headphones, there is not really enough room to leave unsightly fingerprints, but glossy surfaces look in my opinion quickly torn off and dirty. Since I find matt surfaces not only a lot more noble, but also more advantageous, but this is probably as always taste.

The shape has remained the same, only the transition from the headphone to the cable is a little rounder than the normal basic model, but still beautiful. The Fresh version is also backed up in aluminum, has a microphone and a play / pause button and is available in five colors. The sound is described as clear and detailed, but if you believe the experience of others to a certain volume even with the Piston Basics despite the quite low price quite right. Probably they are not really approaching the optically very similar Piston Pro In Ears, but if you consider that they only cost a fraction of it, you certainly have a really good alternative in your hand.


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