Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Fitness Wristband with heart rate monitor for 7,91€

The Xiaomi Mi Band was one of the gadget surprises at the end of 2014. If you pay here in Germany for eg the JawBone well and gladly 75-150€, costs the Mi Band without frills just once ~ 8 €! With the Mi Band 1S  the successor was also a great success. The difference: at the bottom is a sensor, which measures the heart rate.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Fitnesstracker

  • Features: Step counter, alarm (with gentle vibrations), measure sleep phases, unlock smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Apps for Android from 4.3 and iOS, Waterproof (IP67), 45mAh LiPo battery (enough for 30 days standby), USB charging cable is included

Everyone knows it, many have it and some can not do without. The Mi Band from Xiaomi is an efficient Fitnesstracker and we have already tested it extensively on China gadgets. The successor comes with some extras and extensions therefore and is now called  Xiaomi Mi Band 1S.

Mi Band 1S heart rate sensor
On the back is the sensor

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S review and experience

We have the Mi Band 1S now here for 5 days in the longest and were even times 16 kilometers with it running. Check out our video review to see the app, the processing and the comparison between the 1S and the predecessor:

Youtube Video Preview

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The design and the battery with 45mAh have remained almost the same. Although the 1S weighs 5.5 grams more, 1mm longer, 4mm narrower and 9mm thick, but this does not matter. For example, you can use the old bracelet with the new “heart”, or you can also use the chic Mi ribbon leather tapes or leather tape fakes. We have tested this extensively.

Comparison: The Mi Band and Mi Band 1S on the wrist
The Mi Band and Mi Band 1S on the wrist – no difference

Processing: continue to be perfect

Who knows Xiaomi, knows: The success of the brand is partly based on the very good processing. While other brands are sometimes screwed together, the joint squeaks or scratches in the metal, Xiaomi gadgets are usually impeccably processed. And that starts with the packaging!

Comparison: the packaging of Mi Volume 1 and Mi Volume 1S
Mi Band 1S packaging (right) – once again more beautiful!

Similar to Apple, unpacking the fitness tracker is just fun (see above). In my opinion, the now smaller packaging looks even more beautiful than its predecessor. Packed in plain cardboard, look directly after the opening the heart of the tracker directly matt glossy. The bracelet also looks very valuable and can be adjusted (in contrast to the JawBone Tracker, for example) to each wrist.

Mi Volume 1 (left) & Mi Band 1S (right)
Mi Volume 1 (left) & Mi Band 1S (right)

Unlike other elastic bracelets, the ribbon does not smell.

The accessories of the Mi Band 1S: simple and everything
The accessories: simple and everything

As with the predecessor model, there is a brief manual in English, as well as the USB charging cable. During charging, the 1-3 points flash correspondingly, indicating the progress. In the course of the day the LEDs flash only briefly, if the self-imposed steps to 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3 reached. Currently, there is only the plain black version, but there are still more colors to follow.

Colored Mi Band 1S bracelets
The black bracelet is standard. Other colors can be bought in most shops

Mi Fit Apps for Android and iOS

With the update of the Mi tape, there is also a new version of the Mi Fit app for Android and iOS, for example, to record the heart rate. Before you start, you have to create a Mi account or log in – without it does not. This is done within 2 minutes (also with a spam address). With the app you can still record your steps, calculate the calories consumed or analyze your sleep. If you have never been a fan of the Mi Fit app yet, it is also possible to sync the data with Google Fit or Apple Health. At startup, the corresponding permissions are asked.

Note: without the Mi Fit app, however, this data can not be synchronized. Because the question also often comes: No, Runtastic is also not supported. This should not be due to Xiaomi, but rather because Runtastic wants to sell their own tracker (overpriced?).

Mi Fit App: even without GPS absolutely damn!
Mi Fit App: even without GPS absolutely damn!

I have the Mi Fit app and the bracelet times a hardcore test (see screenshots above). I ran 16.27 kilometers – logged with Runtastic and Google Maps. Interestingly, the deviation of the bracelet was only 290m. Since it has already traced my steps, the deviation is only ~ 1%. The formula for calculating the burned calories also seems to be the same / similar. On my other arm I carried the Mi Band 1, the predecessor, which showed me 12 steps more after the run. The accuracy is very good.

The iOS and Android app are similar, leave a nice impression and it is fun to browse through the apps. Various graphs show vividly the growth (or laziness).

Measuring Heart Rate / BPM

Let’s take a closer look at the biggest news: measuring the heart rate in BPM (beats per minute). What many want, but technically probably not possible: the continuous measurement. That is, if you want to know where “the pulse” stands, you have to start the measuring process explicitly in the app. The instructions for this is illustrated and thus self-explanatory.

In the official app the possibility is still missing to measure the pulse over a longer period, but other apps can do this now. We would like to mention the apps  Mi Band Tools (3.49 €) and  Mi Band Notify & Fitness  (now free!) For Android.

To the accuracy I can not say much, of course, without further equipment, except: after the sport the value was constantly high, distributed on the office chair over the day always at 81-83 bpm.

On the possibility still calls to get signaled, was not renounced also with the new Mi volume and again has an IP67 certification, so dust and water can not harm the Mi Band 1S.


If you do not want to spend more than 100 Euros and more for a Fitnesstracker, the Mi Band 1S is very well served. Whether the pulse meter ultimately offers a mega value or whether the Mi Band 1 for a few euros less enough, everyone has to decide for themselves. My tendency: I am for the 1S. Either way, the Mi Band 1S will also be ingenious and will probably sell millions more times.


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