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USB-C cable from BlitzWolf from 2,66€

  • by JaniDushman
  • 11 Months ago
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Also the prices for the other lengths have fallen, but note that the 2.5m version is 1.33€ cheaper than the 1.8m long cable.

Supply: The  type-C USB cable from BlitzWolf is currently available again at Banggood. In addition, there is for iPhone owners also the Lightning cable, so if you look for a high quality cable for the beloved smartphone is here!USB-C cable from BlitzWolf

No special gadget, but just good to have one if you already have devices with type C connection. As practical as the new connector is (no more annoying testing, which side upwards belongs), it is not compatible with the micro-USB connections. Even we, who have quite a few devices with Type-C here, have already been desperate to look for cables, because only once again was not to be found. Especially, if you only have a single one, so an additional cable is not wrong. In addition to the fact that Apple users are not too short, BlitzWolf has provided pre-financing and an MFI certified  Lightning cable ready.

USB-C cable from BlitzWolf

The cable is 1, 1.8 or 2.5 meters long and is  coated with nylon and PVC, making it both flexible and hard-wearing. It also supports power ratings up to 3A and thus fast-charging standards we Quickcharge (2.0 / 3.0). The cable is available in both red and black.

The current price of 2.66 € is comparable to comparable cables very good, otherwise you pay quite a few more euros.

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Last updated on June 20, 2018 4:41 am

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