Xiaomi’s expansion plans: 2,000 stores planned in Europe

A week ago, we have already told you about the cooperation between Xiaomi and Nokia. As a result, the engineering giant from China wants to achieve important patents and better sales opportunities in Western countries and is now preparing further steps in this direction.

Xiaomi Shanghai

Latest news from a planned Xiaomi expansion to Europe. Within the next three years, up to 2,000 stores will be built, mainly in Eastern Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Greece). But further expansions to Germany were also planned but not yet fixed.

Xiaomi 7 years

The 7-year-old company would like to remain competitive in Europe. The extent to which this expansion affects the prices of the products remains to be seen. But “[…] something wonderful is about to happen”. How do you know about this announcement?


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