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  • WLtoys Vortex A959 Offroad Racing RC Car for 38,69€ from DE

WLtoys Vortex A959 Offroad Racing RC Car for 38,69€ from DE

  • by Alex
  • 2 Years ago
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This radio-controlled racing car works electrically and comes at a top speed of 50km/h! So this RC toy runs faster than you can run!

WLtoys Vortex A959 RC Car

  • Technical details
    • 17.5 cm x 24.5 cm x 9.4 cm
    • 50 Km / h
    • 1100mAh Lipo, travel time 10 min / charging time 160 min
    • 2.4GHz controller, 4 x AA, 100 m range

Fast and off-road compatible

The Vortex RC Car from WLtoys can be a lot and especially fast. 50 km/h this vehicle can bring a beachbuggy in the ratio 1/18 reminding vehicle on the road. If you go over sand and woodland, it is a bit slower. But he is comparatively fast on the road. And it is waterproof and has a four-wheel drive, so you can jog with it also through puddles, snow and impassable terrain. It is also not a monster print, it is relatively low, but has tires with proper grip.

Tires with good grip: the WLtoys Vortex A959

Tire with good grip


Unfortunately, you also have to say that the performance for the chassis is too much. Most of it is made of plastic, and just when the suspension is suspended, there are weak points that break easily. There are accessories and spare parts, however, to improve.

Battery power and range

The Vortex is powered by a 1100mAh Lipo, given are 10 minutes of driving, but comments show good 11-12 minutes. Depending on driving behavior and background. But he also needs almost 3 hours to shop. To the Lipo you get a charger with EU plug, which is indicated by a green LED and a red LED as ordered around the charging status.

The remote control

The classic and familiar remote control of many RC cars. Well processed with padding on handle and steering wheel. Over 100 meters, the WLtoys Vortex A959 can be controlled with it.

Remote control of the WLToys A959

Transmission up to 100m

With 4 AA batteries fed the 2.4GHz controller keeps a stable connection and if it breaks off, you need never go more than 100 meters.😉

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