Xiaomi confirms it, will soon be officially in Spain


A while ago we were talking about Xiaomi’s new strategy for this year and it seems that now they are starting to confirm rumors that were already secret secrets. Xiaomi’s sales figures are steady and have actually raised the numbers in just one quarter.

However, since Xiaomi has been able to boost sales of its mobile phones again and have a strong presence around the world, it is time to make the leap to the big markets. Yes, we are not going to deny that the Chinese market is one of the biggest in the world but where the real pasta is in the United States and Europe. Well, it seems that Xiaomi has been acquiring all the ingredients over the years and now the company officially confirms that it will soon reach the old continent.

Unboxing Mi 6

Vice President of Xiaomi confirms its worldwide presence

Xiaomi has managed to complete the puzzle with a key agreement for this expansion, the agreement with Nokia that allows him to obtain all the necessary patents to sell smartphones.

Now, days after signing this agreement, Wang Xiang, confirms that Xiaomi will soon be seen all over the world and that its plan is to be in all international markets. Currently everyone can buy a Xiaomi over the Internet, it is more, at scandal prices but Xiaomi wants their way of selling to be different.

Xiaomi already prepares its international expansion with a new range

In fact, this international expansion seems to be linked to the Xiaomi Lanmi, a range of which we have spoken in depth and which the new Xiaomi X1 could have much to do. Xiaomi wants to get rid of the image of cheap mobile phone and the truth is that I understand, having a Xiaomi is not having a cheap mobile, it is simply paying little to have one.

Xiaomi wants to sell in its Mi Home and its plan is to build more than 2000 throughout the globe where users can touch terminals and test them before their purchase, something that would change the vision of millions of people.

Xiaomi Lanmi Blueprint

With this information Xiaomi follows its route plan in which is its official disembarkation in Egypt, Mexico, Russia, India, Arab Emirates and different markets. Perhaps its next expansion is in Southeast Asia or in Western Europe where Spain has many ballots to be one of the first countries to receive the brand because of its large sales capacity to this country.

Iros preparing, finished the cheap mobiles

Xiaomi is already creating a new line of mobile to sell in stores and therefore, in this international expansion. It is necessary to leave forgetting that the Xiaomi are a bargain and in fact that is what the brand intends with the Lanmi, more support and more design but in exchange for a price increase with respect to the Mi and the Redmi. What do you think about the idea?

That does not mean that the series Redmi and Mi disappear, surely we can continue to buy these bargains over the Internet as a Xiaomi Mi6 128 GB in global version for less than 400 euros, a real gift. At the moment there are no release dates or dates of presence in the different countries but we know that it will arrive in Spain and possibly do so next year. Samsung and Apple, start shaking if Xiaomi officially disembarks in your most beloved markets …


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