Is Fostex with the In-Ears TE04 the balancing act between balanced sound, comfortable handling and low purchase price? In our test the promises of the new button-headphones are put to the test.

Design & Delivery

The Fostex TE04 inspire me when unpacking with a clear form and color language. Of the matt black earphones, only the glossy black end plates are visible. A semitransparent feed line underlines the unruffled look. Up to the remote control of the change cable dominates a simple appearance, which seems to me very appealing. The remote control of this replacement cable is intended for the use of the TE04 on the smartphone. It employs one-button control and accommodates an electret condenser microphone with spherical characteristics. Thus, the music pleasure can be interrupted quite easily by telephone calls, without the headphones had to be taken out of the ears.

In addition, there are four black replacement earplugs in various sizes as well as a black transport bag in leather optics, which can be closed by cord. Inside the earphones are dynamic drivers whose sound characteristics are “balanced”, “strong bass” as well as “precise resolution centers and highs”. We will test this in our test. But before that we look at …

Processing & Handling

The light plastic housing of the TE04 features dynamic neodymium drivers with a diameter of eight millimeters. CCAW oscillating coils guarantee the precision of the treble and midrange as well as pressure in the bass range. The detachable cables with MMCX connectors have kink guards at all important points and are equipped with gold-plated connectors. The cables of the supply lines consist of oxygen-free copper. And also in point processing, the In-Ears leave a good impression, because burrs or break-up sites are looked for in vain.

Due to color markings, I recognize as user immediately, which earphone side I just hold in the hand. And the remote control (start/stop, skip forward/back) is easy to handle at any time thanks to its one-button system – without looking at the remote control.

But what bothers me with the use of the TE04 is the fit of the In-Ears, whose seat can hardly be adjusted individually due to its small but bulky shape. In addition, the cable ends do not contribute to the support of the earphones without an additional stabilizing wire. Very active users will therefore have to renounce the sound of the TE04 one time or another in sports and leisure activities.

Sound characteristics & applications

Although the TE04 are somewhat cheaper than the big brother TE 05, they are also in the audio transmission range in nothing. In the heights, the In-Ears hiss for my taste in S-lutes in pop music too strong. Depending on the genre, the middle-heavy signal on me seems too cutting. The bass range of these headphones is printable, but must also be fed with a corresponding signal. To get the full enjoyment of the TE04 bass reproduction, however, a bass boost is recommended by equalizer. But then, even with low-pass, rap and R & B music, there is no problem. The spatial resolution of the earphones convinces. This is particularly reflected in the reproduction of modern pop productions.

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