Xiaomi USB-Type-C In-Ears Review

The first real In-Ears with USB-Type-C connection have arrived! Xiaomi delivers its first model, the Xiaomi Noise Cancellation In-Ear Earphones, which fits from the Mi6 connection. Instead of the jack connection, only one USB-C socket is used. So you have finally matching headphones, if you do not want to access the USB-Type-C on jack adapter.

The Type-C port for smartphones offers among other things the advantage that the music does not have to be converted beforehand separately from a separate Soundchip from digital to analog. A high power supply for the headphones is also ensured via the USB-C connection , eg for active noise canceling. Supposedly, the Type-C socket and the plug can be inserted and unplugged up to 10,000 times, without wear phenomena.

Xiaomi USB-Type-C In-Ears review

At the first hearing is immediately clear: The sound quality is on a completely new level! From the sound I had to immediately think of my 5.1 receiver of the home theater system. The Xiaomi-Type-C version creates a new dimension of mobile sound enjoyment. You do not believe me? In the test report you read about my week with the new Xiaomi In-Ears!

You can buy Xiaomi In-ear Earphones Type-C at gearbest.com for $42.99 use coupon CyberMTT1

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The toughest competitor to the new Xiaomi-Type C In-Ears comes from the own ranks: the Xiaomi In-Ear Pro HD are my personal reference headphones. The Type-C headphones are produced in cooperation with another company. The design is quite similar to the two Xiaomi In-Ears. The sound is taken by a dual driver, which is derived from the curved shape of the In-Ears. The largest part of the housing is made of black lacquered metal, the part that is attached to the ear, made of black plastic.

Xiaomi-USB-C-InEars-Detail2 Xiaomi USB-Type-C In-Ears ReviewThe USB-Type-C headphones are completely black. Even the USB C plug, the small microphone on the right ear and the cable control are all made of black metal – and look really good. The cable from the connector to the control element is made of a fabric / fabric sheath, which effectively prevents tangling. Between the operation and the earphones, the cable is again only with rubber sheathing. Negatively it is noticeable that a cable break protection, except for the Type C plug, is missing.

Nevertheless, you get a quality typical of Xiaomi: the design is thought out, the material is high-quality and the In-Ears feel high-quality.

Scope of delivery of USB-Type-C headphones

Xiaomi-In-Ear USB-C-Scope of delivery-1200x478 Xiaomi USB-Type-C In-Ears reviewIn the white slipcase the Xiaomi Type-C In-Ears come to you. The scope of delivery is similar to that of the In-Ear Pro HD:

  • In-Ears
  • Earplugs in 4 sizes: XS, S, M, L
  • Attachments for the auricle in 2 sizes
  • Fleece travel bag


Thanks to USB Type-C, headphones are now smarter. They can be supplied with more power, and the data throughput is theoretically higher. A useful feature is the noise cancellation of our Xiaomi Type C headphones.

The In-Ears first provide all the functions of a headset. At the cable control you will find the three typical buttons, the microphone is located below the right earphone and is at exactly the right height. The conversation quality during the telephone calls is very good. The noise-canceling function makes the phone even more pleasant. The commands Lauter, Leiser and Pause are implemented a fraction of faster thanks to USB Type-C. Also the control under Windows was possible.

In addition to this, the Noice Canceling is added: Via a slider you activate it, which is confirmed by a small blue status LED. It works? Is it already at? Yes, it works reliably in the background – as now also the sound environment moves into the background. As is known, the noise suppression functions reliably with constant noise. Motor noise or the PC fan are well filtered out. The doorbell is still coming through. The sound is slightly flatter in the mode. Even the environment does not bother her with loud music, since the earphones seal well, nothing reaches the outside world.

But it has made my daily ride a bit more pleasant! In-Ears in itself are already a blessing, the noise canceling still puts it on a …

… As long as the respective terminal is also compatible! Xiaomi points out that not all smartphones are compatible. The Xiaomi 4C and 4S, for example, do not support the noise reduction. The Xiaomi In-Ears and the Xiaomi In-Ears, Mi6, Mi Max 2, Galaxy S8, Mate 9, UMI Z, Xiaomi Notebook and also the Cube Thinker recognized it as a headset. The noise canceling function was also no problem. Only the Huawei P10 wanted to spend no sound, but from the headphones to be loaded.

An official list can not be found so far, but you can still check for yourself how your smartphone is.


Now the most important criterion for headphones – can the new Xiaomi USB-Type C Earphones also score here? The sound is similar to the Xiaomi Pro HD, over two drivers. One for rich bass, the other, a more dynamic, for the middle and high frequencies.Xiaomi-USB-C-InEars-Build-1200x315 Xiaomi USB-Type-C In-Ears review

In the Xiaomi In-Ear Pro HD, the bass first disturbed me a bit: a bit more powerful could be this. Over time, this has become better, a bit I have also got used to, so the Pro HD Earphones were perfect for me. The new ones from Xiaomi look similar and pursue the same approaches to the sound, but differ in detail. Again, the “Hi-Res Audio” seal is awarded to the Xiaomi ANC In-Ears.

Xiaomi-In-Ear USB-C-Pack-600x900 Xiaomi USB-Type-C In-Ear ReviewThe tremendous sound spectrum is the first thing I noticed, the music is incredibly detailed. Point 2: Hey, there’s pressure behind the bass! The bass is, to my taste, still a tick better. He remains determined, but appears more presently. The sound is also very voluminous, spatially it sounds – but if you change to a series or a movie, then conversations are condemned unfamiliar. They sound echoed. In music this is little to little disturbing, it contributes to the sound. In the case of footage, however, I have not really got used to the fact!

In addition, the sound is certainly convincing. Both (almost) lossless music and YouTube sound decent. I’m not sure about the musical directions yet: the In-Ears are made for electronic music, club & dance, techno and indie. In rock and instrumental music, however, other In-Ears sound better. In podcasts, the same problem as in series and movies.

Otherwise, Xiaomi provides a strong overall sound package.


The wearing comfort of the Xiaomi In-Ear Earphones in the USB-Type-C version is similar to that of the In-Ear Pro HD. However, you have to try a little, until you have found the right setup. The earplugs are quite short, which is why I prefer to use my own. These are longer than the supplied plugs, so the Xiaomi ANC In-Ears hold almost exclusively through the plugs – sits pleasantly and concludes well from the outside world. With the enclosed earplugs you can “seal” the ears even better.

Since the noise canceling earphones are quite large by the dual driver, lying on the side is not very pleasant. In the morning’s hurry, however, they provide a secure stop. When cycling or jogging, cable noise can not be heard.

You can buy Xiaomi In-ear Earphones Type-C at gearbest.com for $42.99 use coupon CyberMTT1

Copy this Coupon: CyberMTT1

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  1. Hi I have a mi max 2 which have bad sound quality using the 3.5 adapter, is the sound on this headphones totally independent of the 3.5 adapter or do you think I will still get the low volume sound I get from the 3.5


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