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  • Xiaomi Ninebot Plus Scooter: Again only for the Chinese market? What’s New?

Xiaomi Ninebot Plus Scooter: Again only for the Chinese market? What’s New?

  • by Tristan
  • 12 Months ago
  • Deal

When it comes to locomotives from China, such as the Xiaomi M365 Elektroroller, there is always the same problem: we can not use the gadgets on the road and on public roads unfortunately. Nevertheless, it is interesting to look at what the Chinese engineering giants have once again thought out to score in the Chinese market. Just like a product, it is also the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus, the successor model of the Xiaomi Ninebot Mini.Xiaomi Ninebot Plus

Max. speed 18 km / h
Max. reach 35 km
Battery pack 18650 Li-Ion battery
Power 2 x 400 W
Max. burden 100 kg
Tire 11 inches
Bluetooth Naturally available: 4.0 and up to 20 m range
Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 58 x 28 x 62 cm

Since the Xiaomi Ninebot Mini, we all know that these are really gadgets that unfortunately are not intended for our market. As a result, they are not particularly attractive for an import. Because while the vehicle in China just about 450€ cost, we get it here probably not for the first time under 700€. Nevertheless, we are interested in: what is new at the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus? On the one hand, the Ninebot Plus is a lot more powerful. Its maximum speed is 18 km/h, with a maximum load of 100 kg (see 15 km/h and 85 kg load with the Ninebot Mini). Also the range of up to 35 km is a decent upgrade.

Xiaomi Ninebot Plus with remote control
As a highlight Xiaomi promotes the ability of the scooter to transport the purchases.

The highlight of the Ninebot Plus is, however, that he can transport the purchases and the like for his owner. On the one hand, there is a remote control and the app control. On the other hand, the vehicle should be able to follow the owner independently as long as he is connected to the smartphone via app – somehow already a cool idea. Do you want a development in this direction also for the German market?

Xiaomi Ninebot Plus camera
Whether one has to film the shopping trip on the high-tech scooter really is the one thing. 3-axis stabilization but quite attractive.

A further feature will be the camera specially developed for the Mi Ninebot Plus camera, which, however, is not listed on GearBest. So you will, at least if you really want to import the vehicle to Germany, the camera, as soon as available, must order separately. And also the camera will probably not be a bargain, considering that it is to take full HD and is stabilized over 3-axis.

Xiaomi Ninebot Plus dog
It goes ever further in the direction “rolling everyday helpers”, whether such companions probably also in Germany in the near future in the public be admitted?

Imports to Germany will be quite uninteresting. Nevertheless, Ninebot, with the support of Xiaomi, shows in which direction an electronic everyday movement could develop. We ourselves hope that in the near future Europe will become more open to such high-tech means of transport. The collaboration of Nokia and Xiaomi, at least in the field of smartphones, is a promising step.

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