LG Q6 has no fingerprint reader, how do I unlock it?

LG Q6 Information

Today LG has introduced the new LG Q6, a mobile that draws much attention for its resemblance to the LG G6 LG, a high range that aims to leave features to this new midrange.

LG Q6 LG is a risky bet and this morning we presented it thoroughly in an exclusive article, here you can see the price, features and all the information you need on the LG Q6 but here we come to tell you something very important, the LG Q6 has no fingerprint reader. Yes, as you hear, a mobile that will surely have a price above 300 euros will not integrate a fingerprint reader and that can be a problem.


How to unlock LG Q6?

The LG Q6 can be unlocked using standard unlocking methods (pattern, PIN, password, etc.) but can also be unlocked with facial recognition, something that has given a lot to talk about in the Galaxy S8, for example.

Facial recognition today, I have an S8 and I’ve been testing it for a while, it works like this, well … it’s not comfortable at all. If you have a cell phone with a good fingerprint reader, the S8 is also not the perfect example, you will notice it missing and this mobile might not be for you alone for that reason.

Why has LG left the fingerprint sensor along the way?

It’s something I really do not understand. I do not know if they have been decisions in favor of the design of the smartphone or lack of space in the terminal but what I find very curious is that a mobile 2017 mid-range does not have it, and more bearing in mind that facial recognition does not work all well.

Of course, this is not the only difference of the LG Q6 with the LG G6 since in this comparative you can see the things that have been left along the way in LG. I am personally disappointed that LG has not integrated a fingerprint reader in the Q6 although it is possible that the facial recognition works much better than the Samsung, I want to wait to try it before crucifying this mobile.


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