Xiaomi Wifi repeater with 300Mbps

The WiFi repeater from Xiaomi is now available in a second version. This is externally identical to the first, but has two built-in antennas instead of only one and delivers a maximum transfer rate of 300Mbps instead of 150Mbps so far.

Xiaomi Wifi Repater 2

For those who do not know what this is all about, the Xiaomi WiFi Repeater takes the WLAN signal from your router and sends it further. This gives you the possibility to make the WLAN available in the last corners of your house. In order to set the Xiaomi repeater, it must first be plugged into the router in order to connect to it and can then be connected to any USB port. From there, he then passes the WiFi signal. It is also possible to distribute several repeaters in the apartment to ensure a coverage in really every angle. The repeater weighs about 30g and is  very small with the dimensions 9.50 x 3.50 x 1.50 cm. It is powered by USB, so there are no problems with unsuitable connectors.

Xiaomi wifi repeater Functionality
Thus one can imagine the functioning of the repeater.

Review of the Xiaomi WiFi Repeater

For the establishment of the stick at my home have the tips of Steffen in the comments as very useful 🙂cell phone in English put the MiHome app installed and found the stick directly. Now just connect to the Wifi and the stick can easily be inserted at the place of choice. It also does not hurt to take the stick times from the current, he remembers the settings. However, you should ensure that the stick still has to remain within range of the router, in order to be able to record and transmit the signal well.

If he has successfully connected the blue LED, he has connected connectivity issues a red light. The signal was quickly found again and again. Overall, the stick does a solid job and improves the reception significantly.

Xiaomi Wifi Repeater 2 side view
The cap is actually unnecessary after installation, unless you want to transport the stick somewhere
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