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DxOMark leaves the LG G6 camera with a very low score

Camera lg g6 review

In the past, when talking about the camera of a smartphone, we have referred many times to DxOMark. We have always considered them a reliable and reliable source when analyzing the cameras of smartphones. But, we discussed a couple of days ago that are not entirely reliable. And although we wanted to consider it as a possible mistake on its part. His latest analysis is worrying.

The boys from DxOMark have analyzed the camera of the LG G6. The result of such analysis does not leave the camera of the LG device in good place. In fact, they place it at the level of some mid-range devices. We tell you more about this analysis below.LG G6

LG G6 Camera Review

On several occasions we have talked about the LG G6 camera. We have even submitted comparisons where it has been very well stopped. And in fact, many experts see it as one of the best in the year in the Android world. That is why, since DxOMark consider it the worst camera in the high range is something surprising. And a new sample of doubts in its reliability.

In the analysis done on his page, they give him a score of 84 points. A figure that leaves the device to the height of others like the Moto G4 or the iPhone 6S Plus. Without a doubt something that surprises many, since we are before a camera that has conquered users and experts. What is the basis for such a score? They say that the photos in the interior are bad, since the photos leave with much noise, little detail and there are problems of luminosity. In addition, the camera generates elements that degrade the image in all kinds of conditions.

They have also stated, in the video section, that night autofocus is really bad. Without a doubt an analysis that surprises and will cause controversy. Many see the LG G6 camera as one of the best that have come out in this 2017. From DxOMark do not see it like this, although with this analysis they can only generate a worse image. What do you think?

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