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Blackview BV8000 Pro Review – Outdoor Smartphone with IP68 certification

  • by Tyler
  • 12 Months ago
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As you can also see on our site, outdoor smartphones are becoming more and more popular. Especially the models of Blackview always try to be a strong overall product. After testing the predecessor some time ago, we now want to see how the Blackview BV8000 Pro is in the test.

Blackview PV8000 Pro in a left hand in front of wall

Display  5 inch full HD display (IPS), gorilla glass 3
Processor Helio P20 Eight-core processor with up to 2.3 Ghz
Graphics chip  ARM Mali-880-MP2 900M
Random access memory  6GB RAM LDDR4
Internal memory  64GB, eMMC 5.1
Main camera  16 megapixels, Samsung S5K3P3 sensor, f / 2.0
Front camera  8 megapixels
Battery pack  4180 mAh Li-Poly
Connectivity LTE  1/3 / 7/ 20 , WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, GLONASS
Features Fingerprint sensor, IP68, G-sensor, P-sensor, L-sensor, USB Type-C,  OTG
Operating system  Android 7.0 nougat
Dimensions  15.3 x 8 x 1.26 cm
Weight  239 g
Release  06/30/2017

Design and processing

The fact that an outdoor smartphone has no flyweight in the hand, should be clear and has its reasons. In the first moment I was surprised, because one such a 239 g light smartphone is probably simply not used. Compared to its predecessor it is even 17 g heavier, while the display size of 5 inches has remained the same. Just like the display size, the dimensions are almost identical. While the length and thickness remain the same, the outdoor smartphone is 8 cm smooth 1.1 mm wider than the BV7000 Pro.

Blackview PV8000 Pro at an angle from the side

The BV8000 Pro shows its edges and edges to underline its status as a robust outdoor mobile phone. On the back of the case, the case is made of black hard rubber with a profile, which allows a good grip. Otherwise, this hard rubber will still be used on the front, at the top and bottom, while it is detached from the sides of metal. Even enough screws are not hidden here, which also supports the robust character. On the back, the Blackview logo sits on the dark gray metal surface. The color of the metal surface depends on the color selected; You get the phone still in “Lion Gold” or “Eagle Silver”.

Blackview PV8000 Pro

Let’s look at the buttons that are attached to the side of your smartphone. On the right is the on / off button with which you can of course unlock the smartphone, but also can switch off. Underneath is now the fingerprint sensor, which responds very quickly.

For me as a right-hander this position is very natural, as I can unlock it with my right thumb. Left-handers would probably rather use the left middle finger, which one may have to get used to. Underneath is a camera button, which must be held down for a long time to start the camera app. On the left, the BV8000 Pro has the two volume buttons and a function button for PTT.

The PTT button, so push-to-talk button, does not work from factory and you get the indication that you should install a corresponding PTT-enabled app. An example of this would be “cello”, with which you make your smartphone to a washy walkie-talkie. In outdoor situations this can certainly bring advantages.

Blackview PV8000 Pro camera at an angle
Under the Blackview logo is the dual SIM card compartment, which must be solved with a screwdriver.

Overall, the outdoor smartphone is really well processed. With its IP68 certification, which the mobile phone proudly presents on the bottom, you are looking for vain for gaps or similar unevenness. It is good in the hand, feels very valuable due to the metal sides and offers useful buttons on the sides. And the annoying plastic covers of the connections, which still gave the BV7000 Pro was fortunately also renounced.

Blackview PV8000 Pro on forest floor

Also the packaging confirms the impression. For an outdoor smartphone this is at least in the interior relatively noble. While the packaging itself is white, the interior comes black and is decorated with the Blackview logo. The scope of delivery can also be seen.


On the display, Blackview seems to rely on old-established, because the display is also a 5-inch Full HD display with a resulting pixel density of 441 PPI. Above the IPS LCD display is the scratch-resistant gorilla glass from the third generation, manufactured by Corning. This is twice as strong as gorilla glass 2 and also more heat resistant than the first generation. Despite this good protection, the smartphone can still be used well and can be operated with gloves if you want. The touch screen reacts quickly and can process 5 touch points. Multitouch is not a problem.

Blackview PV8000 Pro display section slightly left

Photos looked very good on the smartphone itself. The colors were displayed faithfully and brightly. When I looked at the pictures on the computer, they were displayed much darker. The colors were also not as intense as on the smartphone screen itself.

A certain mirroring is present, but not noticeable in the test. The display foil was included in the scope of supply and has not yet been installed from the factory. To what extent this is necessary with gorilla glass, everyone can decide for themselves.

Blackview PV8000 Pro Display


With the  Helio P20 eight-core processor with a clocking of 2.3 Ghz, the Blackview is given a good processor. However, the 2.3 Ghz clocking is only possible in one of the two Cortex A53 clusters. The other 4 cores are clocked with 1.64 Ghz. In combination with the generous 6 GB LDDR4 memory, but enough power is available to play a game like Asphalt 8 liquid, even on high graphics settings. The built-in LDDDR4 memory is the current standard for mobile memory, as a result of which other applications run smoothly and in the same way as you would expect from a smartphone from the price class.

The 64 GB ROM space provides effective 53 GB of storage space, which leaves a lot of space. Unfortunately, the memory is not yet a UFS 2.0, as it is now more often used in newer devices, but the eMMC 5.1. If this is not enough, the memory card slot is expandable with a Micro SD/TF card with a maximum of 32 GB. This should be enough space for all your natural photos. While your memory card is inserted, you can only insert a Nano SIM card. This means that you have to decide whether the mobile radio reception or storage space is more important.

Benchmark test results

Collection of benchmark results by screenshot
The Antutu benchmark (screenshot on the far left) clearly shows that the Blackview has been given a decent portion more performance than its predecessor, which in the same benchmark achieved only a result of 42.703 points. Also the other benchmarks prove this. In the PC Mark benchmark (second from the left) even the one and a half times score, in contrast to the predecessor.

Operating system

The outdoor smartphone comes with factory pre-installed Android 7.0 nougat. Although this is set in English, however, this can be easily changed in the settings in English. If you have done that, however, a few points in the settings are set in English, but still easy to understand.

Except for Google’s own apps, only an “Outdoor Toolbox” and a “Cell Broadcast” are preinstalled, both of which however in the outdoor context sense result and the target group of this telephone quite benefit. The Google Play Store is also available, allowing you to easily download all relevant apps. With the security patch from June 2017, the device is also up-to-date in this regard.

Screenshot of the operating system on the Blackview BV8000 Pro
Useful outdoor apps are preinstalled.


In order to be able to hold a deer, a beautiful clearing, or simply a rippling stream adequately in the wild, Blackview uses a 16 megapixel camera with the Samsung S5K3P3 sensor, which was also installed in the Galaxy A8. This offers an f/2.0 aperture and thus already a neat light intensity. Underwater photos should not be a problem either. In addition, a PDAF autofocus is used and photos can be triggered in 0.1 seconds. The front camera releases with 8 megapixels.

Test photo with the Blackview PV8000 Pro

Main camera

Surprisingly at the camera was for me the Pro photo mode, which, in addition to a Facebeauty, video and panorama mode, is integrated in the app. This allows you to set some manual settings such as the white balance or the ISO number. This is especially beneficial in low light conditions. In addition, there is still the possibility to record live images, which means that the picture is dynamic, as the first two seconds before and after the photo are also included with it, resulting in a small clip.

Test photo from the Rathausgalerie with Blackview PV8000 ProTest photo of gray sky with the Blackview PV8000 Pro

In good light conditions you can definitely get a good photo. The upper photo gives a nice contrast and a pleasant saturation. If there is something gray out there, you can see how dark the photos are. In the lower photo, some areas of the image are really very dark and the color fidelity is not kept. In such moments it is worth to try the Pro Photo mode and adjust the brightness and exposure. You will notice that the colors are a little better, but you should not exaggerate, as the photos are quickly over-exposed. Testfoto from Rathausgalerie in Pro ModusTest photo of the kicker with Blackview PV8000 ProTest photo of colorful clothes hooks with Blackview PV8000 Pro

Front camera / Selfie camera

The 8 MP Selfie camera produces solid photos that are sure to be sufficient for a snapshot and a fast self-help with a bear in the wilderness. With backlighting, the camera is very fast, because you should adjust its position simply to avoid unsightly, white spots in the picture. As the photo shows, the recordings with the front camera rumble something. On the smartphone itself is not so noticeable.

Editor with Selfie in front of mirror with Blackview PV8000 Pro

Battery and runtime

The outdoor smartphone logically uses a large battery. Thus, a 4180 mAh lithium-polymer accumulator was installed, which according to manufacturer should keep strong 28 days in standby. In addition, it is to surf the Internet for 14 hours and reach 27 hours of talk time until the acq needle drops to zero. The BV7000 Pro had comparatively only a 3500 mAh battery.

For this you have to dispense with the current device on Pump Express, thus a Quickcharge function. Nevertheless, the smartphone should be recharged in 2.5 hours. This value was confirmed in our test. After 150 minutes the battery was 100% charged. The battery is firmly installed and can not be removed. If you need it, a suitable alternative would be a powerful Powerbank.

Blackview PV8000 Pro on wooden floor

The benchmark results for the recharge time still follow!

Connectivity: Connections and connections

Especially for an outdoor smartphone the connectivity is probably a decisive criterion, since one may come to more remote areas where the network coverage is rather poor. That’s why the Blackview provides you with LTE Band 1/3/7/20, GPS, WiFi, GLONASS and Bluetooth. In our test model, unfortunately, a screw was not openable, so we could not install a SIM card. According to our information, it is a hybrid SIM slot; Speak, you can only install two Nano SIM cards simultaneously or a Nano SIM and a Micro SD card. Near Field Communication, also NFC, is possible with the smartphone.

Blackview PV8000 Pro is photographed obliquely from the left side
The outdoor smartphone is charged via a USB Type-C cable.

Extras and accessories

As mentioned above, the phone comes with a fingerprint sensor, which is integrated into the right side of the metal. In addition, you can turn on the well-liked notification LED in the settings, so as to get a visual indication when a notification is displayed on your smartphone.

The packaging of the Blackview BV8000 Pro

With the accessories, the manufacturer was not economical and besides the USB Type-C cable with the corresponding EU network adapter still offers a USB to USB Type-C OTG adapter so that you can use the smartphone itself as a host, for example, a USB Stick or a mouse. The device must support the feature, of course.

In addition you get a protective foil for the display, the user manual and a mini screwdriver for the SIM slot with 4 extra screws, if one is lost. The headphones do not make a particularly good impression. Since you can choose a favorable alternative, if one attaches importance to good sound.

Blackview BV8000 Pro Scope of delivery

Strong smartphone – but for whom is the purchase worthwhile?

The Blackview BV8000 Pro is, in my opinion, a powerful outdoor smartphone, which has positively surprised me by virtue of its performance and its sensible features. Compared to the BV7000 Pro, which we tested in March, I miss the big, innovative leap. The fingerprint sensor has migrated, the smart key has been replaced by a camera button and a PTT button and the battery has been enlarged. The camera is as the predecessor not the best, but should be sufficient for the occasional photo. However, this is certainly not the focus in an outdoor smartphone.

Overall, it is for me rather a sensible upgrade than a new, stand-alone smartphone. The most significant difference is probably the performance. Whether the changeover from the BV7000 Pro is worth, everyone must know for themselves. If you do not have an outdoor smartphone yet, the Blackview BV8000 Pro is highly recommended and a really good smartphone, not just for outdoor purposes.

  • Good performance
  • Processing is high quality and robust
  • Useful function keys
  • IP68/pre-installed outdoor apps
  • Camera mediocre
  • Hybrid SIM / memory cards only up to 32 GB
5 new from $281.99
Free shipping
1 new from £269.99
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Last updated on June 22, 2018 6:40 am

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  1. I used BV8000 Pro from Blackview brand before. But after several-times
    use in water environment, it went dead. So I tried S10 Pro, recommended
    by my several friends. It’s really good, I have to say, It’s totally
    fine even through numerous water immersion experience by now. I will buy
    phone from you in the future.

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