Xiaomi ANC In-ear headphone and USB-C connector

The Xiaomi ANC In-Ear Headphones are currently reduced and cost only 44,49 € when you use the voucher Type-CS.
Compatible with the new Xiaomi Mi 6, which only has a USB-C interface, Xiaomi has developed new ANC In-Ears headphones with the appropriate connector. This is the first Xiaomi in-ear with Active Noise Canceling.

Xiaomi ANC In-Ears

Technical specifications

Surname Xiaomi ANC In-Ear
sensitivity 113 dB
frequency range 20Hz-40KHz
Inpedanz 32 ohms
connectivity USB-C
cable length 1.25 m
mass 20 g
Dimensions 77 x 120 x 30 mm


The trend is clear, more and more smartphone manufacturers say goodbye to the classic 3.5 mm jack connector and offer headphones for the remaining, universal connection. What is with Apple the lightning connector, is with Xiaomi the universal USB type C port.

In addition to the new connector, Xiaomi has implemented Active Noise Canceling for the first time. This is active in the frequency range from 50Hz – 2000Hz and should reduce background noise by up to 25 dB.

As with almost all headphones in the Xiaomi Piston series, the Xiaomi ANC In-Ears is also a headphone with hybrid drivers consisting of dynamic and BA drivers.

Xiaomi ANC In-Ear Hybrid Driver

While the ELE Whisper ANC In-Ears have a battery for the ANC, the Xiaomi ANC In-Ears has no battery installed. The headphone thus serves the smartphone battery, whether this the duration is noticeably shortened remains to be seen.

The headset’s music app and the headphone’s ANC can be switched on or off using the control unit, which is located centrally between the two handsets.


Xiaomi ANC In-Ears control unit
Xiaomi uses a tissue cable for the first time

Completely compatible are the headphones with the Xiaomi smartphones: Xiaomi Mi6, Mi 5, Mi 5S, Mi 5 Plus, Mi Mix, Redmi Pro and Note 2.

Only partially compatible are the models Xiaomi 4C and 4S, here works only the ANC and the headphones per se, the control knobs are not supported. This also applies to most other smartphones with USB-C interface.


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