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Cubot build partnership with Arbalest in South Africa recently

The smart phones are no longer luxuries but necessities for common people in South African.

Since the price was always the most important factor, some people once had to give up and compromise with poor devices, they were expecting for trendy smart phones with reasonable price. this condition has changed after the year of 2017 when Cubot official had a collaboration with a large retailer Arbalest in South Africa.

Though people know a lot of Cubot in the regions spreading from EU, SOUTH AMERICA to Saudi Arabia and RUSSIA, but it’s the first time to enter into Africa market.

As the exclusive importer of Cubot, Arbalest has authority to bring the most favorable and trendy Cubot phones with the size of 5 and 5.5inch, rear camera of 13MP, front facing camera from 5MP-8MP. The first batch will include cubot rainbow2, cubot echo and cubot cheetah 2.

Like Cubot rainbow2, it was the most popular device in 2016, the biggest feature was taking clear photos with high restoration.

Storage is also quite impressive with the smallest being 16GB and the biggest 32GB with all having expandable storage to 128 or 256GB through SD cards.

Not only the reasonable price but the design is premium, the recommended retail prices range will be from R1 599 to R3 499.

Together with Cubot , Arbalest will have a further development in middle end phone market, and the expectation of Cubot to achieve the slogan “simple and trust” will definitely gain acceptance from more customers.

For more information visit the Cubot South Africa: http://www.cubotmobile.co.za/

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