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Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset Review

Finally, the Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset arrived with us! With the UMi BTA9, UMi BTA8 and the iClever BTH07, we have already presented to you some Bluetooth sport headsets in the past, whether Xiaomi the competition here in the shade is out in this test!

Xiaomi mi sports bluetooth headset

impedance 32Ω
Weight 17.8
Bluetooth Version 4.1
Battery capacity 100 mAh (about 7 hours running time)
Protection IPX4

Scope of delivery, design and processing

In addition to the Bluetooth sports headset itself, Xiaomi puts a very short Micro-USB cable, earpads in five (!) Different sizes, and a manual in Chinese.

Xiaomi Mi Sports Headset
Everyone can find a suitable ear pad here

The headphones are held in similar, simple colors like the UMi BTA8 or UMi BTA9 and weigh about 8 grams per listener. Overall, the Xiaomi Mi sports headset, as used by the Chinese manufacturer, is well processed. There are no flaws and both buttons and the protection cap of the micro-USB port are properly processed. Also the ear pads sit very tightly on the handset and will not be easily lost.

Battery life

The built- 100 mAh battery should hold up to seven hours of music, according to the manufacturer, in standby mode it is 280 hours. The Micro-USB port for charging the battery is located on the right handset.

Xiaomi Mi Sports Headset Micro USB Port
To protect the IPX4, the USB port is protected by a protective cap

Unfortunately a USB-plug is not included.


The Xiaomi Mi Sports headset can be operated with the three built-in buttons. The “loud”, “lower” buttons are located directly on the right handset and another play / pause button on the headset is connected to the cable that connects the two handsets, Is attached. The buttons are doubled.

Functions of the buttons at a glance

Button: Briefly pressed Long pressed
Play / Pause Play / Pause; Answer / end calls On off; Bluetooth Pairing mode
Volume up volume up Next title
Quieter quieter Previous title
Xiaomi Mi Sports Headset Buttons
The buttons are located under the rubber layer – moisture can not penetrate

Unfortunately, Xiaomi has also missed the headset a language feedback in Chinese, which comments Bluetooth connections, and a weak battery. It is noticeable that the manufacturer does not necessarily want to land with the headphones in the European market, but wants to primarily serve the domestic market.


The curved shape keeps the headphones better at the ears than for example in-ears, so can be worn while running and spare the wearer thanks to the Bluetooth function (Bluetooth 4.1) the annoying cable in front of the chest. In addition, they are water-resistant according to IPX4, so they do not interfere with the sweat. Unfortunately, the earbands are very small, which means that they are not suitable for every European ear. Anyone who has already ordered dresses from China knows that in China everything is slightly smaller – so also the ear hooks of the Xiaomi Mi Sports Headset, me personally the UMi BTA9 fit somewhat better.

The sound of the Xiaomi Mi Sports Headset

The Xiaomi Mi Sports Headset is, compared to the UMi BTA9 Headset or the iClever BTH07, less bass- assisted. However, the overall sound is more balanced and clearer. In my opinion, Xiaomi presents here the best overall sound picture in the field of sports headsets from China, which we have already tested. Basses are clear and powerful, but not too dominant. The Xiaomi Mi Sports headset is much better than the other models in the high and midrange range, as they are much clearer and less dull. Considering the price of ~ 25 € you can be very satisfied with the sound.


The headset is attached to the right handset, during our tests, my opponent could understand me well and there was hardly any noise.

Xiaomi Mi Sports Headset
Next to the third button is the microphone


The Xiaomi Mi Sports Headset convinces with a very good workmanship, a solid sound picture, coupled with a good price / performance ratio. The manufacturer has once again managed to place a solid product in the low-price segment, which can certainly compete with significantly more expensive products from manufacturers, which are more strongly represented in Europe. Only the language feedback in Chinese is a bit annoying, but one can bear in view of the price of the headset.

  • Cleanly processed
  • speakerphone
  • Price-performance ratio
  • IPX4 Protection from water spray / sweat
  • No socket adapter included
  • Earbands can not be individually customized
1 new from $23.74
2 new from £18.79
Free shipping
Last updated on March 18, 2019 7:56 pm

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