Elephone ELE BOX Review: Bluetooth box in the JBL Go format

From Elephone comes this speaker name  ELE BOX, with which the Chinese company pursues a special design philosophy. We have tested the small Bluetooth Speaker now – whether it looks just smart or could convince sound!

Elephone ELE Speaker in different colors

Surname ELE-BOX
Power 5W
Frequency range 100Hz-20KHz
Battery pack 1000mAh (about 6 hours)
Dimensions 8.55 x 8.55 x 3.30cm
Weight 178h

Scope of delivery of the ELE BOX

Although the ELE BOX arrived in a very simple, smart packaging, which is only a few millimeters larger than the speaker itself, there is no room for further accessories.

The packaging of the ELE BOX
Small and fine, but unfortunately without accessories

The scope of delivery is therefore limited to a small operating manual in English, in which only the control knobs are explained and once again the technical data are listed. A micro-USB cable or an optional AUX cable is unfortunately not included, a shame!

The scope of delivery of the ELE BOX: The loudspeaker and a manual
The small manual has still found the narrow packaging

Processing and design

The ELE BOX is a, in my opinion, smart Bluetooth speaker with the dimensions 8.55 x 8.55 x 3.30cm and a weight of 178 grams. In addition, it feels high-quality and is processed clean. The coat, which looks like a rigid plastic, is made of a rough, resistant rubber, which makes the speaker pleasant to hold and has a non-slip stand.

The back of the Elebox 2 is completely rubberized. On the upper right is a 2 engraved
On the reverse, a “2” is also engraved on the upper right

The front is made of a round ground metal, with a small blue status LED in the center. In my opinion, a cool idea of ​​elephone, depending on the light irradiation reflects the metal different, similar to a CD.

The front of the ELE BOX is shown in the upper right corner. The loudspeaker is located behind the metal grille
In strong light irradiation a real eye-catcher

The color selection of the ELE BOX

We have probably got the ELE BOX in the most neutral color, in white. In addition there is the speaker still in a mint green or in a bright Pfirsichton or bright Rose? – we did not quite agree on this.😀

Front and back of the Elephone ELE Speaker in different colors
What looks gray here is white – gray is not the box

A modern, interesting color selection – it is just something different and fits in my opinion very well to the chic design of current smartphone models. Also I can imagine the box for example very well in a modern bathroom or a chic kitchen.

Why actually ELE BOX “2”?

Why Elephone the Bluetooth Speaker now with a “2” has provided, was not quite clear to us. Looking at the pictures and reading the partial philosophical looking descriptions, one gets the impression that Elephone here pursues higher goals than “only” a simple loudspeaker sell. Especially the number two, special characteristics are attributed, which symbolize the two-pillar of the whole world. Looks quite like a marketing strategy😀


The ELE BOX is operated via buttons on the top. In addition to the On / Off head, there are three additional buttons, labeled “+” and “-“. As usual these buttons are doubled. The telephone button also functions as a play / pause button, and by pressing “+” or “-” the next or previous track will be played.

The top of the ELE BOX and the various control buttons
For intuitive operation, the on / off button is far from the others – very good!

“Unfortunately” Elephone gave the box a linguistic feedback, I personally consider short beep sounds actually sufficient. At least the language feedback is in English and not in Chinese and short. The feedback is, for example, “Bluetooth mode”, “AUX-IN mode” or “Power off”.


The speaker has a micro USB and a 3.5 mm audio connection, of course, the possibility  to connect via Bluetooth 4.1 to a smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled playback devices. As mentioned above, the cables are unfortunately not included in the scope of supply.

The connections of the ELE BOX are located on the right side
The microphone is located between the phone jack and the micro USB port

Sound quality

How well does a speaker sound, with the emphasis placed on the design? To put it briefly: in view of the size, the Ele BOX sounds perfect. The small loudspeaker can, of course, not build great bass because of the small space inside. However, the sound of the 5 watt single driver is very clear and does not exceed even with louder music. There is no noise or background noise. If one were to ask me, the loudspeaker would be a very chic kitchen radio or shower radio replacement or just for the road, if one really has no space to take a larger box.

The ELE BOX from the inside: Plenty of plastic and a singlet driver
The inner construction of the ELE BOX

Is the sound quality comparable to the price?

Well, it depends on what you are looking for. The ELE BOX is small, compact and stylish, especially in the two fancier colors. But the Enusic 002 or UMi BTS1 and BTS8 play (almost) in the same price class and here you get definitely more sound quality. However (according to the taste) but a not so modern design, but the “normal”.


The ELE BOX impresses above all with its chic design and its compact design. Considering the small size and the fact that only a 5 watt driver is installed, the sound is surprisingly clear and does not exceed. On powerful bass you have to do without this box. In my opinion it is the perfect kitchen radio in a modern furnished apartment. The UMi BTS8, which has a clear comparison between the sound volume and the intensity of the bass, can be heard in a direct comparison. In addition, the required Micro-USB cable is already included in the scope of delivery.

  • Processing / Materials
  • No noise
  • modern design
  • Compact
  • No accessories
  • Low bass reinforcement
  • Language feedback (in English)
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