Air chair: the next airy seat from China from 8,89€

While the Luftcouch (also Laysack) is now an absolute classic among the summer gadgets, there are other variations of the gadget that were not so much appeal. The air chair, for example, is simply a shorter and somewhat higher output of the Laysack. So it is difficult to find a smaller advantage in the smaller variant than the space saving. This time, however, we have encountered an issue of the Laysack, which we now call simply an air chair, which tries to maximize this advantage.Air chair violet

  • Material: Oxford 
  • Dimensions: 70 x 45 x 70 cm

The small seat with dimensions of 70 x 45 x 70 cm works according to exactly the same principle as its larger brothers, but the filling should be much easier due to the much smaller volume. As a material, GearBest supplies oxford cloth , which is likely to be Oxford Nylon. The material is extremely tear resistant and weather resistant. Up to 150 kg load are therefore quite realistic, even if the size does not fit two people at the same time on the chair.Air chair red

Since the prices of the great Laysack have fallen so extreme this summer, this small variant costs about the same money. So you should be aware of the situations in which such a mini-chair edition is useful. On the one hand, I am confronted with situations in which a group wants to sit together in a sociable manner, but a single aircouch would be too great for everyone. Then this air chair might be the perfect alternative to a normal camping chair, depending on how comfort is in practice. On the other hand, the air chair can also be stowed permanently in the apartment without taking up too much space, and then serves as a chilling seat for between. What do you think? Is the small edition perhaps worth a try or would you stay with the already established Laysack?

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