Xiaomi Huami Amazight Arc A1603 – Fitness Tracker Review

Product description from China can be complicated, so the initial explanation is: The Amazfit Arc is not produced by Xiaomi, the producer is Huami. All Wearables by Huami run under the name Amazfit, like the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Smartwatch. What exactly does Xiaomi have with this product? Xiaomi was heavily involved in the development and has a large share of Huami. For example, Xiaomi has the Mi Band 2 produced by Huami.

So the Amazfit Arc is  not an official Mi Band 2 successor, but since this is the fitness tracker from China, which was by far the best value for money, every new fitness tracker with the Mi Band 2. Since the Amazfit Arc Fitness Tracker has recently arrived with us and the interest in the announcement was great, we took it very close for you under the microscope.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Arc A1603

Product name Amazfit Arc
Product number A1603
Display 0.42 inch OLED (72 x 40)
R.A.M. 128 kB
Internal memory 8 MB
Connection Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Relevant links Amazfit – Activity Tracker  for  Android 4.3+  | IOS 9.0+; Official  Amazfit Arc SetUp instructions
Battery pack 70 mAh,  20 days standby
Protection certification IP 67
Features Step counter, heart rate monitor, alarm clock, notifications
Weight 20 g (with bracelet)
Delivery Amazfit Arc A1603, charging cable (2-pin connector), manual in  English , 12 months warranty
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Packaging, design and processing

The packaging: The first impression counts

We really looked forward to the test of the Amazfit Arc, because the fitness tracker on the paper is very promising. Accordingly, we were anxious when the package finally arrived. And the experience when unpacking was directly a small highlight, because the packaging looks chic and the haptics are right. Exceptionally no carton in “Xiaomi white”, but a gray, very stable, carton with a transparent plastic front.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Arc A1603 Fitness Tracker Packing
The stable and informative packaging is ideal for giving away.


In addition, the packaging is sensibly printed: so on the page is already the URL to the official setup (for  Android & iOS ). On the back is a small overview with the various features that we come to later. Also within the packaging everything is well sorted and easy to remove. In itself a considerable and professional packaging, which is certainly also suitable for giving away.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Arc A1603 Fitness Tracker Packing
No mess in the box, charging cable and instructions are in the small box marked with Amazfit.


The package itself consists of a fitness tracker, a charging cable and instructions. Where it is to be noted that contrary to the information of the shop, the instructions is only in English and not also in Chinese – very clear.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Arc A1603 Fitness Tracker
So the unpacking is fun: everything is neatly packaged and no great peace.


The included USB charging cable uses a 2-pin connector to supply the 70 mAh battery with power. Although other products have often had problems with very weak magnets on such connectors, the latter holds this as a bomb. Thus, the 20 g lightweight fitness tracker can easily be held in the air by the magnet.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Arc A1603 Fitness Tracker charging cable

The design is taste – the processing is not

The most striking feature of the design is that the tracker stands out clearly from the band, which means that the silicone bracelet can not fit into the arm, as with an embedded fitness tracker (eg Mi Band 2). In addition, the very rectangular tracker does not look very sporty, but rather noble and has a  certain business touch.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Arc A1603 Fitness Tracker
Due to the thicker body of the tracker, the silicone bracelet does not lie directly on the skin – you get used to it.


The silicone bracelet is not easily interchangeable and has a classic aluminum closure. All in all, the Amazfit Arc sits at the beginning somewhat needed to get used to, but after a short time, especially because it is so light, no longer really noticeable. In fitness, the Fitness Tracker lags the Mi Band 2 in any case a good bit behind, but comes with a new design and a  very good workmanship.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Arc A1603 Fitness Tracker
Both optically and haptically one of the highest quality fitness tracker, which I personally held in the hand.


Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Arc A1603 battery
Despite more than over-average display use during the first 24 hours.


According to experience, the battery of such fitness tracker can not be tested in such a short time. The 70 mAh battery of the Amazfit Arc comes however from the same manufacturer as the equal-sized battery of the Mi Band 2, which in our tests times easily one month can hold. However, we already tested the charging time: After about an hour the battery is full, and even after 24 hours of above-average use still at 96% – as expected. After the long-term test, the results are supplemented with more accurate results.


On the 0.42 inch OLED display can be displayed at the Amazfit Arc depending on your choice different displays. Whether you  can check the current time or the  battery status on the display next to the clock,  you can set it in the Amazfit app (downloadable for  Android 4.3+  |  iOS 9.0+ ). The display is operated via the small touch panel below the display. The operation is conceivably minimalistic: by touching the sensor you reach the next display.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Arc A1603 Display Settings
Arc -> Display Settings: here you can specify which of the recorded data are directly on the display of the fitness tracker.


In addition, you can set the “Lift Wrist” function, which allows you to display the time by simple hand movements. Often very useful, but luckily also can be switched off, as it can sometimes annoy. The movement itself is always detected very quickly and the bracelet shows the time quickly. Another nice feature is the “Call Call Notification”, which allows your bracelet to vibrate when you get a call. This is especially useful because it  works when your smartphone is silenced.

Amazfit app & its features

Since we have already tested numerous Xiaomi Fitness Tracker and Smartwatches, we are of course very familiar with the required Mi Fit app. In the Amazfit Arc the smartphone support runs however over the  Amazfit – Activity Tracker  app, and one must say: the app is surprisingly clear and practicable. Completely in English, without much frills and  extremely quickly furnished.Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Arc A1603 Fitness Tracker App


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