Bluetooth speed sensor for your bike -10,67 €

For the sporty two-wheelers among us, we now have a perfect addition to your bike. The speed sensor from XING can be easily attached to your bike and then provide you with information about your speed. We would like to thank one of our users for the delivery – thanks 🙂

Speed ​​sensor in front view

The speed sensor or the cadence sensor determines the cadence , which is how often you step into the pedals, and can transmit this information via Bluetooth and via ANT + to the corresponding device. It also measures the speed, your average speed / average cadence, and your maximum speed / cadence. However, the sensor can only measure either the cadence or the speed. It is practical that you do not have to decide which device the data is to be transferred to as the sensor can send data via Bluetooth 4.0 simultaneously to your smartphone or to the ANT + device, Such as  Garmin, Bryton and Strava.

The sensor with dimensions of 3.80 x 3.00 x 0.80 cm and 9 g weight hardly on your bike and is also IP54 certified. This makes it clear with dust and splashing water. The apparently supplied battery is sufficient for a running time of 400 hours. In addition, you get 4 rubber rings and 2 silicone pads with which you can attach the sensor for example to the pedals.

Speed ​​sensor on the pedals
The speed sensor can be flexibly attached to the bicycle.

For the small price, the Bluetooth speed sensor is certainly interesting for those who use their bike more often and also as a sports equipment. Unless you use your bike only to drive over a pizza. 


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