COBO C1 / C2 USB fingerprint sensor from 17,79€

The  Cobo C2, the new version of the USB fingerprint sensor that we present to you here, is available at GearBest for only 18.68 €. But beware the offer is limited to 50 pieces! Smartphones and tablets can be unlocked for a long time with its unique fingerprint. But why does not that really happen with laptops and PCs? The  COBO C1 USB fingerprint sensor makes it possible!

COBO C1 USB Fingerprint Sensor

With the  COBO C1 USB Fingerprint Sensor, you can easily unlock your laptop or desktop PC. According to the manufacturer, this gadget should be able to detect your fingerprint from all angles with 0.5 seconds. The same is already known of modern smartphones and I can tell from personal experience that it is not only faster than the normal unlock, but also is reliable. With a size of 2.00 x 1.40 x 0.70 cm, the small USB stick should be easy to stow but unfortunately just as easily lose. The sensor is located at the other end of the USB port and a small LED indicates whether or not the sensor detects the fingerprint. Under Win10 is not even the installation of a driver needed and also the setting up seems to be quite simple. You can find a tutorial on the Banggood product page.

COBO C1 USB fingerprint sensor

Although there are of course ways to bypass the fingerprint sensor, it is still a fairly safe way to protect your user account. Whether you need the whole thing is, of course, another question, but who has a small weakness for agent gadgets, will surely not be able to resist. Personally, I find it only logical that one would like to move with the PCs, which concerns the finger sensors. But what do you say? Is your fingerprint sensor useful?

If you also want to secure your USB stick by fingerprint, you can look at our article about the  Ele Secret 64G!

Last updated on October 4, 2019 3:30 am


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