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VR Shinecon Bluetooth Gamepad

  • by Julian
  • 4 Months ago
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With every new year, smartphones, tablets and, for a short while, absurd things like refrigerators or coffeemachines are becoming more powerful. In addition to the enormous amount of TempleRun and Flappy Bird clones, there are also really good games with great graphics in the App and PlayStore. So why not move your own thumbs from the displays, and thus from the most limited visual field, and down to a handy Bluetooth controller. The Vr Shinecon Bluetooth Gamepad gives you the opportunity to play a few rounds while on the move.
Vr Shinecon Bluetooth Gamepad
The handy gamepad also fits into the pocket.

With Bluetooth, the Vr Shinecon Bluetooth Gamepad can easily be connected to many Smartdevices, whether it is Android / Apple Smartphones, SmartTVs or the PC. Instead of a battery, the gamepad is operated with 2 AA batteries, which by the way are not included. However, according to manufacturers, it has a range of up to 10 meters.

Vr Shinecon Bluetooth Gamepad
The gamepad offers 8 buttons and a 360 ° joystick.

Especially cool, I find it with these Gamepads retro classics over an emulator to revive. And just with the button layout of the gamepad of Vr Shinecon it seems to me particularly suitable for racing or spanking games. Who wants to use the Vr Shinecon Bluetooth Gamepad also as a remote trigger for the next Selfie or to navigate the domestic music system.

The only thing I personally miss is the shoulder buttons and the second joystick, which is important for games from the ego perspective. For the price but that’s forgivable, and for all who are willing are paying more’s there here are other game pads to choose from.

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