Endoscope camera for mobile phone with micro-USB or WiFi from 5,21€

As a professional smartphone filmmaker, one tries to make a nice close-up, always again over the resulting result. You want to investigate in the engine compartment of your car something in a remote place and does not come out partout or but has a mouse hidden under the bed and you do not dare to look yourself? Do not worry, there are two smart gadget solutions for all of this: The endoscope camera with WiFi or micro / USB connection for the smartphone.

Compatible with all popular Android and IOS smartphones with installed app, the gripper is capable of recording at 480p or even in HD quality (720p) at a frame rate of 30 fps depending on the model. The smartphone must of course support this picture quality. In addition, the endoscope should also be used under water, but one should be careful if the water depth. Be sure in any case to the indicated picture quality as well as cable length, both vary from offer to offer.

Smartphone endoscope camera
Attached to a smartphone, the 8 mm narrow sensor angle covers 70 degrees

The 0.3 / 2 megapixel CMOS camera supports photo shoots, 6 LED lights on the sensor illuminates smaller dark corners. Here, you can choose between different brightness levels. With a weight of 51 grams and dimensions of 32.0 x 13.8 x 65.5 millimeters, the endoscope is handy and light. The cable length can be adjusted during the order as mentioned, from one to five meters everything is there. As an alternative although much cheaper, but without WIFI comes the version with USB port, which however apart from it works in the same way.

Smartphone endoscope camera
Camera diameter of only 1 cm and range through the 2 meter long cable

With the endoscope camera you can get into the most remote corners and you can get an exact insight – thanks to the LED illumination – the situation. The camera is also waterproof so that wet pipes or the like should not be a problem.


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