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Augmented Reality pistol for smartphone

  • by Alex
  • 12 Months ago
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The virtual reality is not least due to the many cardboard VR glasses and the flagship of HTC, Oculus and Sony in the last few years strongly boom. With devices such as Google Glasses, Microsoft HoloLens and Apps like Pokemon GO, however, we are also increasingly in contact with the Augmented Reality. So the extended reality in which the real world is complemented by computer graphics and information. If you are curious and would like to try out the whole thing, you can now simply download a suitable app on your smartphone and, for example, go directly with this Augmented Reality pistol.

Augmented reality pistol for smartphones

This wooden gun acts a bit like the controller of the Wii. The movements from the real world (here the aiming) are captured by a sensor, which is installed in the smartphone, and translated into the game. The technology in the gun itself is limited to the trigger, which can be connected via Bluetooth to the mobile phone. To get started, you only have to insert two AAA batteries into the gun. Download the appropriate app and clamp your smartphone into the holder. Said app can be found under the name “AR-Gun” in GooglePlay and App Store. Currently, there are 4 different games, but the developer wants to bring out more.

The 28 cm x 21 cm x 2.5 cm large and 150 gram heavy toy weapon looks lucky not very realistic, but I would nevertheless advise against walking in the pedestrian zone.

Whether such a plaything is something for children, everyone must decide for themselves. At least for adults is the whole but a cool gadget to gain first insight into what Augmented Reality might be. But what about you guys, do you think AR will be the next big thing or are you more critical of the whole?

Last updated on November 5, 2017 1:04 pm

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