Remote controlled mini monster truck WLToys L343 for 21,15 €

WLToys also produces Quadrocopter, but is also one of the first addresses to buy cheaply remote-controlled cars. The Chinese manufacturer has a lot of different models on the market (which we have already tested in the past), and one of them is the mini version L343.

WLToys L343 RC Truck Remote Control

Model WLToys L343
Speed 25km/h
Reach 50m
Battery pack 6.4V 320mAh (<12 minutes driving time)
Dimensions 210 x 133 x 90mm
Weight 267g

The L343 is admittedly rather a beginner model, for the price but still no bad deal. The top speed is indicated at 25km/h, the maximum driving time at 12mins. Due to the large tires he is at least limited off-road, and has no problems with uneven ground. Only in puddles and all too muddy ground is final, because water is not the car is. You should not throw him into the fire either.

The remote control, also seen on the top of the picture, requires 3 AA batteries that are not included. The charging cable for the 320mAh LiPo has nevertheless an EU mains plug. Both the vehicle size and speed are small enough for children to handle, and the L343 is also suitable for smaller racing drivers.

At just 21 euros, the mini-monster print is also under the freeze for import sales tax, regardless of the shipping method, so there are no additional costs to you. When the weather plays an ideal toy for outdoor use.

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