LG Q6 promises to be the new mid-range G6 mini


LG is once again surprised with a possible launch but dedicated to the mid-range of his company. In the lead of the top of the range we find names like LG G6, Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 5. This would be a new smartphone that gives us the feeling of seeing a LG G6 in its “mini” version, although it is very similar physically, In its interior we are disappointed a little since it will have very basic specifications Do you want to know what brings this new LG mobile?

To begin with we have to say that we know very little about this mobile but we can deduce that it will be dedicated to the average range of the company. However, we see that this mobile will be handled with a screen that practically does not have bevels, this makes us ask Will it influence its price? , Its screen is 5.4 inches with a ratio of 18.5: 9.

LG Q6 Specifications Will it be a Media Range?


We already unveiled the screen, is something curious that is seen with the naked eye on the mobile (It will be the same as the G6 physically). Of course, it will not be a high-end mobile phone, it will carry a 13 megapixel camera, it is worth noting that it will not carry a dual camera as the LG G6 brings, in this the mobiles do not look alike. In its internal part, the LG Q6 will have a RAM of 3 GB, so we think it will be a terminal mid-high range. The other specifications of the mobile phone have not been revealed by the company and we will have to wait a little to find out what it brings.

It is likely that the LG Q6 mobile comes out in the coming months, as the company has said so. We estimate that its price is between 200 to 300 euros depending on the specifications. Since it is a similar and mini version of the company’s flagship, its value may be a bit high. However, we have to wait for the Lords of LG to provide the official information.

Also, we deduce that by having a screen with virtually no bezels, this smartphone can raise its price and be a little more expensive than most of the mid-high range. On the other hand, LG’s proposal is interesting, it seems to us excellent that the company devotes its time to launch a new terminal dedicated to the mid-range of the market. From now we will be very aware of the new LG Q6 Would you buy this cell phone?


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