For drones with heart – Plush remote control “RC Boy” for 1,76€

Maybe you have to be a quad-copter-nerd to find the RC Boy beautiful. But if you could not convince your girlfriend of your new drones hobby so far, perhaps this remote control of Eachine manages.

RC Boy Plush Ratcheting

The group of newly in love couples, who have known each other through their common droning hobby and look for the appropriate small gift for the romantic three-month anniversary, may be rather small. For the unlikely event that you are part of this group, you should be happy about this plush figure, which will give your favorite leisure activity a nice face. But you just like stuffed animals.

RC Boy Plush Ratcheting Details

What you see is what you get . It is a 30cm high figure of plush , which is modeled on a remote control. There was hardly any detail left out. Of course, there is a small antenna on the head, the different buttons are indicated in the face and there is even a battery compartment on the back. This is not easy to open here, and even if you manage to use batteries, I would not expect you to start your drone.

According to Banggood the figure is also washable. In the shops is synonymous of RC Girl (in pink). Apart from an animated picture, there is no reference to ordering them, so RC Boy must remain alone for the time being. If you can heat up for the little rapper but gets it at Banggood currently for 1.76 €.


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