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The best gadgets in June 2017

  • by Tyler
  • 12 Months ago
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Feeling only yesterday yesterday we celebrated with joy the new year staggering, but schwups, once not paid attention to the time and a half year is rum. If you’re wondering what’s happening in time, there’s our monthly gadget review. Strictly speaking, we are only looking back at the June, but there is also a lot going on from the gadget perspective. Here are some of the gadgets that have been left in our memory.

Huawei Honor 9 smartphone

Honor 9 smartphone

Definitely one of the most remarkable new releases of recent months. Only since this week, we have the smartphone already here and work on our test report. Especially Jens has a bit in the more than nice look.

Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone

Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone

Xiaomi’s new flagship is already a few weeks longer than the Honor, but we could test it only last month. Now we are torn, which of the two we find more beautiful. Make sure you have a picture of yourself in our articles.

Golden snitch as a fidgety spinner

So go Fidget Spinner – The Golden Snatch for 4.45 €

Sometimes a more creative Fidget Spinner, in which especially our Harry Potter expert Gina had her bright pleasure. The Schnatz is made of metal and occupies a special place in the now unclear mass of Fidget spinners.

Kaideng K130 Alpha egg drone

Kai Deng K130 ALPHA mini-drone for 25,79 €

Externally there are similarities to the Schnatz, but they are maximally very distantly related. The Alpha of Kai deng is a mini-drone with an unusual shape at first sight. However, the flying egg with the fold-out arms has practical advantages.

Water repellent shirt white

Water repellent t-shirt for 21,83 €

The dream of every housewife and mother, and the nightmare of the detergent industry: A shirt that does not get dirty. In fact, there are so-called “hydrophobic” fabrics, and this black and white T-shirt is always dry.

Mini Crossbow

Toothpicks Crossbows as the latest trend from China

If Fidget Spinner is no longer enough, he is looking for the next kick. In China, there are such mini-crossbows, which can be used to shoot toothpicks. A nice fun, but not quite safe. What do you all mean?

Xiaomi Mi electric mop mop

Electrical (!) Mop from Xiaomi

Xiaomi surprised us. Sure, we like technical gadgets like this electronic household help, but the 150 €, for which the mop is currently still managed, seems to us already a bit steep. Or what do you mean?

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