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Which camera is better? iPhone 7 Plus or OnePlus 5?

Since its introduction 10 days ago, the OnePlus 5 has not stopped hoarding headlines. It is a device that has some characteristics that place it as one of the best of the year. The smartphone camera has been a matter of debate. It was generally the weak point of all Chinese brand phones. Although with this new device have improved remarkably, as we checked with the first images. Although the camera has not been without controversy, since it was said at first that it had optimum Zoom x2, and finally it has not been so.

As the camera of the OnePlus 5 is giving so much to speak, we submit it to a comparison with that of the iPhone 7 Plus . One of the best cameras on a smartphone. Specifically we will compare the portrait and zoom modes of both cameras.

Images in portrait mode

OnePlus stated that the OnePlus 5 is an ideal device for taking pictures in portrait mode . That is something they have wanted to point out a lot about the device’s dual camera. And they also hope to get a level similar to the portrait mode of the iPhone camera . At the top you can see the portraits taken with both cameras, so that you have an idea.

We can see that the images taken with the iPhone 7 are much better than those of the OnePlus 5 . The difference is even greater in low light conditions. Then the photos taken with the Chinese brand device are much more blurry and leave enough to be desired, the truth. The iPhone 7 Plus camera knows how to capture portraits much better, both in color, sharpness and image depth . Therefore, clear victory for the Apple device.

Photos with zoom

In the case of zoomed photos, something very curious happens. There is a big difference between the images obtained with the OnePlus 5, mainly in colors. As you know, the device has a double camera with two sensors. The difference in quality between the two sensors is evident between images, especially in the way they capture colors.

It has to be recognized that the iPhone 7 Plus comes back to fulfilling and the photos are clear and represent the colors perfectly. I think in this case those that have been taken with the OnePlus 5 are not as bad as the previous ones, it must be said that they are a notable improvement. In addition, it would be possible that there are software improvements , so there is still room for improvement for the Chinese brand.

What do you think about it? What do you think is the best camera? Seeing this comparative, it must be said that the Apple mobile has achieved better overall results, but in the use of the zoom of the OnePlus 5 has not been in bad place.

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