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  • Low Price: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Tracker for 30.50USD

Low Price: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Tracker for 30.50USD

  • by Gesa Lankers
  • 12 Months ago
  • Deal
The Xiaomi Mi Volume 2 FitnessTracker wristband is now somewhat older, but has convinced us in our test. Taking the current price into consideration, the fitness tracker is a good and inexpensive option from a reputable brand. Meanwhile, it’s time for a proper successor.
Surname Xiaomi Mi Volume 2
Display 0.42 inch OLED
Connection Bluetooth 4.0
Supported OS Android 4.4 and up, iOS 7 and up
Battery pack 70 mAh, standby up to 20 days
Features Alarm clock, alarm clock, alarm clock, alarm reminder
Measure 18.5 g (with bracelet)
Delivery Mi Band 2 + Bracelet, USB Charging Cable, User Manual (Chinese)

Fitness Bracelet? What is that, actually?

For all those who are listening to the band for the first time, or for those who are new to fitness, we start with a short definition: The Mi Band 2 is a smart band, Which allows for a control of the daily movement. First and foremost, this happens via a step counter, which shows how much you have run during the day. In addition, the tape has a pulse meter and a sensor for monitoring the sleep. The whole thing is supported by an app, which allows you to manage your own data on the smartphone and to monitor it over a period of weeks and months.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Who already knew the Mi Band 1, will be the first to notice the new design. For the first time, Xiaomi has installed a display in its smartband, which can be used to display the time, the steps or the heart rate. Also new is a button on the top, but not a physical, but a touch sensor that fits into the smooth surface without edges. Whether the old or new design is more beautiful is taste; More practical is the display. Overall, the band or the heartpiece is slightly larger than the predecessor, and thus does not fit into the old band.

In terms of comfort, both bands do not take anything, they feel pleasant on the wrist, which means that they are hardly noticed, especially when wearing wrist watches. The closure has also been slightly modified and is now easier to close and open than on the first model.

Count steps and measure heart beat

The step counter performs its work reliably, the number of steps and the distance traveled in meters can be read off the tape at any time. Also the pulse meter works well, but again only on demand and not permanently, since the official Xiaomi app is the same as in the predecessor and does not support the permanent pulse measurement. To do this, the measurement now works without an app, simply by switching to the pulse measurement several times and waiting a few seconds. The heart rate is then displayed on the display. This does not only sound practical, but it is also especially when you do not have the smartphone at hand.

Since there have been problems with the heart rate monitor every now and then, which did not work with the one or the other, we have a solution for you here in the video:

Mi Fit – the apps for the Mi Band 2

Despite the display, one does not get around the app; The app Mi Fi t is available on iTunes  and  the  Play Store. Windows Phone users download the unofficial app ” Bind Mi Band “. The stored data can then be viewed, you can set a daily interval of steps, monitor your sleep and set an alarm clock. You do not have to see calories or miles? No problem, you can use the app to adjust freely which values ​​should be displayed next to the time. Whoever wants to have the latest mod for the band (in German), can look in the Mi forum or alternatively with Yandex or apkmirror.

mi-fit-app xiaomi-mi-band 2
Via the app, the stored data can be viewed as steps or sleep information

The app, which was also used for the Mi Band 1, does not offer much new features, but it is familiar and easy to use (and in English). Small drawback: Without Xiaomi account is nothing, you have to register and log in once. An alternative to the Xiaomi app is at least for Android the app Mi Band Notify & Fitness. Recently, there was also an update for the sports program, which we have already a few screenshots until we have tested it extensively:

When logging in to Xiaomi, there are occasional problems with German email addresses, ie those with. de-ending. There simply no confirmation mail will be sent. This can usually be handled with a .com address (eg gmail), or you can register through the website of Xiaomi.

Already at the Mi Band 1 the Schlaftracker worked reliably and quite exactly, as far as the length of the sleep was concerned, and something else is not to be expected here. How reliably the division into light and deep sleep was, however, is disputed. The measurement of the sleep could not be reliably tested in two days in the office. 😉As soon as we have data here, we deliver it naturally, so as not to leave any questions open.

App “Notify & Fitness for Mi Band”

The “Notify & Fitness for Mi Band” app shows the distance traveled on the smartphone, along with the length of the route and the time it took for the route, the maximum and minimum pulse, the steps, and much more More. You can view and manage your notifications more clearly. In general, the app offers a clearer overview of the individual functions of the Mi band.

The colorful app provides detailed information about running behavior, even in long-term comparison. The same applies to the pulse meter, the results of which can be compared over several days. All collected results are evaluated by the app, which is currently only available for Android devices. This gives users of the Mi Band information about where they can improve or what they can change.

Long breath – the battery life

The Mi Band 1 convinced among other things with its strong battery, which made it possible to withstand a whole month with a single charge. As long as the Mi Band 2 does not create, which is not least on the display, but also its standby time with up to 20 days, which it in the test also reached.

Loaded with USB cable, the core of the tape is simply plugged in. Sounds as simple as it is.

Additional functions

A few additional extras make the bracelet a real support in everyday life … well, it’s more of a few practical gimmicks, but still nice to have . This allows the Mi-Band to unlock the smartphone: if the tape is close, the manual unlocking of the screen is omitted. It also has a notification feature: You can assign permissions to other apps to display incoming messages on the Mi tape. But do not expect too much, just get the info that a new message has been received. What, or from whom it was written, you still have to check yourself. For all features, you can expect from the manual, by the way, no help, which is only in Chinese.

The tape is watertight to IP67, so it can be used for handwashing and even during showering. Just for swimming you should take it off.

Accessories & Accessories

As with the predecessor, there is now also a lot of extras to the actual gadget. The most interesting are again the replacement tapes, which allow the personalization of one’s own fitness tracker. They are made of rubber, leather and metal, and are available in different colors to meet every taste. If you want to go safe, you will also get protection films for the display, although it is questionable whether you really need it.

Price & Conclusion

The Mi Band 2 has now fallen significantly. At release it cost nevertheless well 40€. Meanwhile, we are at 20 €, which is an absolutely fair price for the fitness tracker. In our opinion, the display is not only visually good, and especially the pulse uncomplicated without a smartphone is a real advance to the predecessor. Only the fact that one must grasp the permanent pulse to other apps is still a little disturbing here.

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