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  • Dino, robot, insect or vehicle? The DIY 4-in-1 solar robot for 4,87 €

Dino, robot, insect or vehicle? The DIY 4-in-1 solar robot for 4,87 €

  • by Tim K.
  • 2 Years ago
  • Deal

Toys and solar belong to gadgets from China simply together and when it becomes still a Dino, then we have won all, right? Equal 4 different shapes can take this toy to self assemble. Since we have the solar gadget with us in the office, we have already assembled it and shot a few pictures for you.DIY Solar Dino Robots

  • Solar Dino
    • At Gamiss for 4,87 €  (coupon:  DSGMNEW5 ) | GearBest for 5,78 €  (voucher: PandaGB ) LightTake for 7,42 €  | Ebay for 3,02 €  (Attention, limited stock) 

Brief introduction to the gadget: The core piece of the robot consists of a gear motor and a solar cell. The appearance and the limbs which are later to be moved are all green and are then assembled according to the desired form of the toy. In the end, the robot can take one of four different phenomena – the insect / drill vehicle / robot and our personal highlight, the dinosaur.

DIY Solar Dino from the front
From the front but then a bit minimalist, but this is easy to assemble.

The individual conversions are, of course, of different sizes and on average this would be about 12 x 7 x 6 cm. So we have exactly the right size for older children, because smaller kids I would not recommend this toy, because of small parts, of course. But to have fun with the gadget, you do not have to be young. Perhaps in the spirit somewhat young 😉. DIY Solar Dino Inclined

The preparation for the construction is by far the longest, so the individual components must first carefully separate from the templates. Here one should be a little careful, since the plastic is partly very sharp-edged. In general, you should be able to do the removal together with the child or for the child, if you intend to give the robot away.

DIY solar dino components
The detachment of the parts is of course somewhat annoying. Caution: sharp edges.

When it comes to building up, the robot is very fast and comfortable to put together. Only the engine is slightly more fine work and may take longer. Once the engine is assembled, however, you can use it for all four shapes, which makes the conversion extremely easy and fast – cool thing.DIY solar din motor

Further pictures with the other figures follow naturally and so far we have not yet come to the solar cell to test. If the engine runs properly, definitely an extremely cool birthday gift for the younger ones in the family or friends circle.

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