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OnePlus says the OnePlus 5 gel screen is not a problem

OnePlus Display 5

The OnePlus 5 has already gone to battle, in fact a few days ago we showed you an irresistible offer of the OnePlus 5 for less than its price to market. Yes, you can take the OnePlus 5 for only 435 euros.

However, some users (although very few at the moment), are suffering problems on the screen of the OnePlus 5. As you can see in the video, the problem in this case is a kind of deformation of the screen in the OnePlus 5 When scrolling, also known as jelly effect (gelatin effect).

What about the OnePlus 5 screen?

The strange thing about this is not that some OnePlus 5 have a small problem, this happens in the best houses. The problem of the matter is that OnePlus, as we see in PhoneArena, has officially declared that the screens of the OnePlus 5 do not have any type of problem.

OnePlus has always been characterized by offering a good technical service and for that reason we do not like these declarations too much. That small problem, which we do not know very well if it is a software or hardware problem, is only replicated in some terminals and that means that there is a clear problem.


On the forums people are moving hard for OnePlus to listen to them but at this point, the one that has a terminal with that problem, can return it and recover what is invested in it. We are sure that if there is a second purchase OnePlus will proceed to send you a terminal without that problem since they are only a small number of them affected.

OnePlus claims that all OnePlus 5 have the same AMOLED display and that their quality filter has been very good. The company claims that some users have complained about a small jelly effect when moving the scroll of the smartphone and they claim that it is a natural effect, which is not any kind of problem on the terminal screen. Will this problem be something of the ROM and not the display hardware itself?

If you have an affected OnePlus 5 we would like you to tell us in the comments since everyone we have seen did not have any problems.