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Why do you have to change your Smartphone every 2 years?

Obsolete mobiles

Regarding my mobile phones I always have it clear, I must change the mobile every year but the reality is that it is advisable to change the mobile every 2 years and there are many reasons to do it this way.

Do you want to know why it is ideal to change the mobile every 2 years? There is no scientific rule but I will tell you the reasons why you should do it. Many people believe that the important thing is to buy the mobile and that it withstand the maximum possible but that does not work well.

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Why is it recommended to change every 2 years?

There are several points that are key to this decision for 24 months and of course have their meaning.

  • You remain without warranty : After the 2 years, unless you have an extended warranty, you are left without warranty of any kind. If the mobile fails, you eat it with potatoes. These 2 years are enough time to enjoy it and amortize it.
  • Still worth money : Your mobile, whatever the range is, still worth money 2 years after your purchase. According to the model (unless you have a black sheep), you will surely have a value 10 or 20% lower than the first year of life of the smartphone. That is, when you sell the mobile last one year its value is usually below the initial 50% that cost you but after two years this value has not fallen too much, being the third year the worst to resell it where it has almost no value in the market.
  • You run out of Android updates : Another reason is that most manufacturers support Android for 2 years, there are exceptions but most of them forget to update Android at 2 years and this way you forget to have technology Obsolete
  • Your mobile is already a medium range or a low range : A very good that was your smartphone, in 2 years will be a mid-range if it was a high-end or directly low-end if it was not a flagship. This is so, you will be using a mobile that is no longer adapted to the times that run and you will feel quite bad using certain apps and technologies that you no longer have.

No doubt the decision to buy a new mobile every 2 years is the most successful and most profitable for our pocket, we will keep updated, we will not lose 100% of the purchase and we will always have a good mobile.

Personally I do not recommend buying a high end because it costs 700 or 800 euros and in one year does the same as one of 200 euros. The best thing is to buy a high end of 220 euros, something like the Xiaomi Mi 5s, and throw it with a couple of years to replace it with the next one in the chain. This way you are not losing 100 euros every 2 years, if you do it with a high end you will be losing over 500 euros every year and those 400 euros you lose will not give you so much more.

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