When it’s hot again: Heat resistant Kevlar grill gloves for 10,46 €

All this goes without glove, clear. But as soon as you keep the hands too close or too long close to the grate or the coal, it quickly becomes uncomfortably warm. Grilling gloves are not only the ideal solution for all hobby grills, but also for those who have already grasped the difference between grilling and BBQ.

Grill gloves made of Kevlar and Nomex

  • Heat resistant Kevlar grill gloves
    • At GearBest for 10,46 € | AliExpress for 10,85 € | Amazon for 22,90 €

Made of the two extremely resistant Aramid fibers  Kevlar and Nomex – as used for firefighting clothing – the gloves, which are additionally coated with non-slip silicone , should withstand temperatures of up to 500 ° Celsius . Thus, the wearer does not have to be afraid of burns – whether he is directly touching grills or turning the grate or touching the hot grate or cleaning it while cooling. In addition, ovenware can be  brought out of the hot oven without having to deal with pots or potted gloves. Also, moving hot coal becomes more comfortable and less dangerous. Since the gloves still go a bit over the wrists,

Heat resistant grill gloves

But beware: protection is only valid for hot objects and hot air; But not for hot liquids. These unfortunately penetrate into the gloves, so that no more protection is offered. So if you are sure to handle hot liquids, silicone gloves are an advisable alternative. These for 2.45 € per glove hold temperatures of up to 150 ° Celsius, which is at least sufficient for boiling water. These gloves offer more protection against heat for 3.68 € per glove – they can withstand temperatures of up to 230 ° .


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