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LED clip for sport and jogging for 1,66€

  • by Gesa Lankers
  • 1 year ago
  • Deal

This is not the saving variant of the LED sneaker (whereby, interesting thought) but a clip for sports shoes, to be seen better in the dark, if one goes about early morning or late evening. It does not hurt even in the bright summer, when jogging to attract attention.

LED Clips Sportschuhe Jogging

  • LED clip for shoes
    • At GearBest for € 1.66 AliExpress for 1,68 €Banggood for 2.67€ 

At first sight, it looks like something you wear on your head and from the music sounds, it is something quite different. The functionality is conceivably simple and can be clearly seen on the lower picture. At the two ends there are also pointed nubs on the inside to give the gadget a little more support; Whether it actually sits firmly and does not drop after a few steps, is unfortunately unfortunately not completely ruled out. Since it is completely closed in the “normal state”, however, it can be assumed that at least a certain amount of tension is present, which should hold the clip in position.

Sports Shoes LED Clip
The gadget is simply clamped to the heel of the shoe

The tape is made of black, slightly elastic plastic. The different models differ externally only in the color of the single button; Which is optionally blue, green, red or white. Press to change between continuous light, flashing or “off”. The reason for the functions is, of course, the better visibility, in order to attract the attention of cyclists and motorists when traveling on badly lit traffic routes.

Two small button batteries with which the band is supplied with energy are already included in the article. Anyone who wants to catch attention again, of course, carries the things just at the next party.😉

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