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  • Price Update: ORIGINAL Xiaomi ballpoint pen for 1,15€

Price Update: ORIGINAL Xiaomi ballpoint pen for 1,15€

  • by Ben Seemann
  • 2 Years ago
  • Deal
With the voucher GBMipen, the Kuli is again available  for € 1.15 at GearBest. So if you missed the super price last time, you can now strike again🙂
The pen was sent to us a while ago as a user gadget; Thank you at this point again to the unfortunately anonymous sender. As the Xiaomi fanboys, which we were supposed to be subordinated to, we could of course not be different, and have ordered the ballpoint pen just once. Can Xiaomi meet the high expectations? Read our opinion in the following article. Have fun.

  • Xiaomi “Mi Home” ballpoint pen
    • At GearBest for 1,15 €  (voucher: GBMipen ) AliExpress for 4.15 €  | YoShop for 4,52 € 
  • Mines for refilling (3 pcs each)
    • At GearBest for 2.13 € | MiniInTheBox for 2,90 €Banggood for 3.55 €

Xiaomi is pushing into ever-changing markets, and is now working to revolutionize the world of stationery and change office and school life forever. The Chinese electronics manufacturer has now patented a ballpoint pen logo, or the “Mi Home” product line , which also includes the lighting articles and the smartphone app of the same name. Sometimes the term “Mijia” is used, which is nothing more than the Chinese name for Mi Home.

Xiaomi Mi Home Ballpoint Pen Sampling
Short sample in my manuscript. It has its reasons that I usually write to the keyboard.

Much has been joked in advance: A coolie of Xiaomi is no better than any free promotional pin of the local bank branch or pizzabude, just with brand logo. But the Haters have to make a point, because the pen is so much more than a conventional ballpoint pen. Scratch your head, drill your nose, or press the power button on the laptop to put the pencil aside and write on the keyboard: the applications are very versatile.

Xiaomi Mi Home ballpoint pen
Our most capable editors have tested the pen and found it to be good.

The ballpoint pen is 14cm long, completely white (except the metal clip) and has a smooth surface. Nevertheless , he is good at writing , the weight is just under 20g . The line thickness is 0.5mm , the color of the ink is black. The ink dries quite quickly, but it smears it easily after writing. Especially left-handers will have to be careful, even if the ink sums up a little.

Xiaomi Mi Home ballpoint pen refill
The ballpoint pen can be simply screwed on.

Also in the case that the pen after some extensive use is sometimes empty written, one has come up with a clever solution. Mines for refilling can be ordered in 3-pack in many China-Shops.

Xiaomi Mi Home ballpoint pen
The Mi Kuli inspires creativity and makes incredible.

But what else could be expected of Xiaomi? The Chinese have surpassed themselves once again, and even those who do not know how to hold a pen can possibly write novels with the Xiaomi ballpoint pen. Yeah, Xiaomi!

Conclusion on the Xiaomi ballpoint pen

Joking aside. For a high-quality or at least a mediocre pens you can pay more than the 3-4 Euro that Xiaomi demands here. The pencil is good in the hand, does not lubricate and looks chic. The mines for refilling the cooler are also available in the popular China shops, which completes the picture of a writing instrument which is otherwise already solid and also cost-efficient. Even without Bluetooth and LED, Xiaomi provides a good product, which can be increased without hesitation.

For all doubters and naggers, I break the conclusion but also again to a sentence, which was already found in the original article: It is a good Kuli for 3 euros. Point.

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