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  • Amazon Blitz offer: Aukey Sport Bluetooth In-Ears for 10 €

Amazon Blitz offer: Aukey Sport Bluetooth In-Ears for 10 €

  • by Tim K.
  • 2 Years ago
  • Deal

We have already tested two Bluetooth In-Ears from Aukey. According to our experience, this manufacturer’s headphones are quite solid and you can make little mistakes.

Aukey Bluetooth Sport In-Ears

  • Aukey Bluetooth Sport In-Ears
    • At Amazon for 10,00 € (Lightning offer)

Technical specifications

Surname Aukey BP-B27
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1
Weight About 22 grams
Battery life 110 mAh approx. 7 hours

Supplied with the BP-B27 ear pads in three different sizes, a micro USB charging cable and a user manual . We already had the Aukey BP-B14  test, which with the identical Akkukapazität a value of 6-7 hours runtime – depending on the volume – have reached.

In contrast to the Aukey BP-B14, these are full-fledged In-Ear earphones that completely surround the ear , which was one of the criticisms of the Aukey BP-B14 , which falls away from the BP-B27.

The Bluetooth In-Ears also come without ear hooks, which usually lie above the ear. The stop should be ensured only by means of small rubber guns reaching into the ear. This has worked very well with the  Cozypony CZ3020  .

Unfortunately, Aukey with the BP-B27 no weight of the listeners indicated and also over the sound quality can be said little by description. But at the price you can sometimes risk something 😉Has already somebody of you experiences with these In-Ears?

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