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Magnetic beer bottle holder for your fridge for 11,57 €

  • by Tristan
  • 2 Years ago
  • Deal

The refrigerator is already a phenomenon in itself. After the purchase of the week, he is so full that you have to play Tetris and have to place every food sent, and after a few days he looks like you are already ashamed to open him. But what is always present in both situations is the cold beer for the visit, the next WG party or just for you. To keep it out of place, you can mount it to your refrigerator top with the magnetic beer bottle holder and save a lot of space.

Magnetic beer holder for the refrigerator

  • With AliExpress for 11,57 €  | Newchic for 12,20 € | Amazon for 15,95 €  (from DE )
  • At Banggood for 6.25 €  (is still in the restock, to 4 July but probably again orderable)

The magnetic beer bottle holders offer space for up to three beers or other bottles. The magnets are neodymium magnets , which can hold a total weight of up to 5 kg . Neodymium is, incidentally, used in a neodymium-iron-boron alloy for strong permanent magnets such as loudspeakers or hard disks. These 3 magnets are attached to a waterproof 3mm tape . Even 0.5 L bottles should not be a problem, according to the manufacturer and customer evaluations, so that cans or other glasses can be attached to the magnetic stripe.

For the price you get two of these magnetic strips, which are each 20.3 cm long and 3.8 cm wide . They are available only in the color white, but should be perfectly integrated into your refrigerator as the interior life of a refrigerator is usually white. The uppermost compartment is usually larger than the underlying one, and so often degenerated platform can still be used effectively.

Magnetic beer bottle holder in refrigerator with other food
The bottles are so hung from the refrigerator that there is still room to put other food underneath.

We find the idea super, just because it offers a simple solution to get more space out of its refrigerator. Certainly the beer magnets are also a nice idea to give away. And beer gadgets can not be enough.

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