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The 5 things that you give up with a low-end mobile phone, do not you?

Redmi analysis 4a

Today we want to do a bit of criticism of the low range of Android. The truth is that there are many low-end phones and not all of them will suffer the 5 defects that we commented but yes the vast majority of them.

When we talk about low range we have to mention that we mean mobile phones under 100 euros although there are mobile phones under 100 euros that do not have the problems mentioned here, which we will mention at the end and which are sure to make you change the way To see cheap mobile phones.

What 5 things usually fail in the low range?

Well there are several things we would like to put on this list and since there are 5 that are very but very important for many users.

The camera is usually the worst


When we talk about a low range the camera is usually horrible . Yes, it does not serve anything but it is that you need patience and a good shot so that the photo does not come out blurred or blurred.

This, for example, is not fulfilled as it is in mobile phones like the Xiaomi Redmi 4X or the Xiaomi Redmi 4A, mobile that despite cost less than 100 euros yes they take decent photos . That is why in the end we will leave 8 mobile phones for less than 100 euros that you will love. You just have to see the review of the Redmi 4A to realize that is one of the few exceptions that confirms the rule.

Software updates, another gap

Android 7 Nougat

When we talk about high-end, Samsung Galaxy S, Sony Xperia Z, LG G, etc. We take into account that normally we will receive a great update of Android, 2 or even 3 in some cases.

Yes, buying a high end and spending money also allows you to stay updated for longer than if you bought a low range but it is not just that. When you buy a low range the most normal is that the software that comes to you, is the one you will have forever (at least officially).

This is not true either in the case of Xiaomi where MIUI is updated for all and occasionally the Android version too, even in the Moto where Lenovo is still at a good pace with updates. Now, generally the low range does not usually have major software updates unless it is a must.

Games, usually FIFA and NBA are no longer going


When you are ready to play on a mobile you should know that Clash Royale or Clash of Clans work practically on any Android. I myself played Clash Royale on a Redmi 4A for a few days and 0 problems although at times I could give a little lag, it was not a problem.

Now, forget about playing powerful games like FIFA, F1, etc. On low-end mobiles. Normally your processor is powerful for everyday tasks but not for demanding tasks such as these games. It’s like wanting to play Call of Duty on a laptop for 300 euros , it’s impossible.

Multitasking, a little scarce by the amount of RAM

Android N Multitasking

There is some Xiaomi, and I can not avoid talking about this brand because it is so cheap and good with respect to the competition that I get the hair up, it has 3 GB of RAM for about 100 euros but normally this is not so.

Low-end mobiles can have 1, 1.5 or 2 GB of RAM , with 2 GB of RAM needed to allow “normal” use of a device. Yes, as you hear, with 1 GB of RAM we can have a basic use of the type use WhatsApp, Facebook and little more but if we want a minimum of performance (many users have more than 1 GB but normal is not) We have to move to 2 GB.

These 2 GB of RAM get a good performance on the smartphone but what they are not able to get is good management in the case of using multitasking , why? Well because 2GB of RAM on Android are a bit fair but the mobile is not going to go wrong but it will slow down a high range that does almost all the time (in some cases, not always).

The design, nothing present in the low range


Except mobile counting of some Chinese firms, the low range always skim resources when designing and uses plastic, fat frames and a design that does not usually like too much, not to say that we usually stay without a fingerprint reader.

These things do not usually like many users who need a nice cell phone although the one who buys the cheapest mobile phone in the market, like the AllCall Rio for 50 euros, you must keep in mind that you can not pretend to have a 800 euro mobile phone at a laughable price . There are several things that are not present in a mobile of 200 euros but if in a 4 times its price, here as well.

Despite all this, there are exceptions that exceed these 5 points and are, for example, the Xiaomi Redmi 4A and the Xiaomi Redmi 4X, the latter even with fingerprint reader and 3 GB RAM for a price of laughter. If you want to see it and know more about it, here you have the 8 best mobiles of less than 100 euros that you can buy, you’re going to stay silly.

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