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The Stormtrooper in the whiskey glass for 10,74€

  • by Mark Ziebarth
  • 1 year ago
  • Deal

Who once times soberly the meeting security of the Stromtrooper analyzed from the Star Wars films, will have noticed that the imperialist foot troops are not exactly the most secure. Whether this is due to the fact that the Troopers have drunk a bit too much of the water, or do not know enough. If you want to drink a sip, do it with these stylish whiskey glasses!

StormTrooper in whiskey glass

  • Stormtrooper in whiskey glass
    • With AliExpress for 10,74 € | Amazon for 11,79 €
  • Darth Vader in beer glass
    • With AliExpress for 12,89 €

With the launch of Episode 8 in December of this year, you have the opportunity to enjoy the Star Wars saga together with friends during a cozy movie evening. And which glass would please be better than this Stormtrooper-style whiskey glass? Whoever is not so drunk or is the driver for his group, of course, can also fill other drinks in his glass, milk for example colors the head of the troopers as in film white.

StormTrooper in whiskey glass

For a drink from the dark side of the Force, the version with the Sith Lord is also very personal: Darth Vader.

Even if you are perhaps a Star Trek fan or a SciFi fan, the glass is still a great gift idea for all Star Wars fans. And if you prefer something darker, you can even look at the skulls of schnapps .

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